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Toshiba Launches HD DVD Fire Sale
hd dvd fire sale
January 14, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The company is slashing prices and launching a marketing campaign—but is it too little, too late?
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Posted by HdDvdNet  on  01/14  at  10:01 AM

I have owned players from both HD DVD and Blu-ray since both formats have launched. I am much happier with the superior features, functionality and quality given by HD DVD!

Posted by webdev511  on  01/14  at  10:16 AM

I also have both formats and prefer the features and functionality of HD-DVD. I’ve never heard anyone say how great those are with Blu-Ray, nor say they were better than HD-DVD. Technical specs yes, but usability and extras, not once.

Case in point. It’s why If you want the Matrix in HiDef, then you’re going to have to buy it on HD-DVD because Blu-Ray is not capable of delivering the experience the producers & directors wanted for the HD release.

Posted by mogreen  on  01/14  at  10:42 AM

I wouldn’t spend money on HDDVD. 

The players and format don’t mean squat.  The visual distinctions between the formats are so minor they don’t really matter.

It’s all about content.  At the moment, Blu-Ray has made big strides on content with Warner coming on board.

If you want to spend $99 on something, I have a great 8-track playr for ya.

Posted by Namnuta  on  01/14  at  11:19 AM

I will definitely be picking up a new player at those prices. I have both formats but i prefer HD DVD. The war is far from over, and even if HD DVD loses, i will still have another player to play my 100+ HD DVD collection on.  I will never buy blu disks, only rent.

Posted by Mustang68  on  01/14  at  11:29 AM

I have a HD DVD Tosh A20 and love it. I think that everyone needs to let there short attention spans take a break. HD DVD is the better format and anyone who has used both will agree.

Posted by Soundzilla  on  01/14  at  11:34 AM

Really? What does your HD-DVD player do that my PS3 doesn’t?

Anyone want to buy my Apple Newton PDA? It’s really cool and does a lot of great things. I’ll even sell it for less than it originally cost.

Seriously though, only the most die-hard HD-DVD fans should buy these players now. Players could be free right now and it won’t change that after 2008 there aren’t likely to be any movie titles produced for HD-DVD. If they do make more content in this format after 2008, it will be a trickle of releases.

Blu-ray disc sales worldwide are wiping the floor with HD-DVD. Every person in the world could own an HD-DVD player but it won’t matter if the media doesn’t sell.

Posted by Crackbone  on  01/14  at  11:39 AM

HD DVD is done.

Heh, now the REAL firesale starts…

Posted by JimSeed  on  01/14  at  12:30 PM



Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  01/14  at  12:33 PM

Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn’t set prices or anything else for the movie releases… I am guessing that all comes from the movie studios. They could pass the word along though!

Posted by stephen  on  01/14  at  01:34 PM

why by a dvd player when u can buy an Hd-dvd player that upscales sddvd’s like a champ and even plays high def material…..399.00 ps3 or 150.00 hd-dvd player…unless u game ...why not….

Posted by RW  on  01/14  at  05:52 PM

Kind of like Beta VS VHS in the past.  Toshiba won last time, and Sony remembers.  But wait…..You will be sorry if Sony runs the HD market.  Ever look at a Sony memory stick VS the cost and availability if compact flash?  Think about it.

Posted by gunbunnysoulja  on  01/15  at  02:45 AM

Soundzilla, this is what my HD DVD player can do that my PS3 can’t…

1. Toshiba XA2 can decode DTS HD MA.

2. Toshiba XA2 can also bitstream ALL high resolution audio (at this time the PS3 can only bitstream DD and DTS lossy formats).

3. Toshiba XA2 also remains quiet throughout the movie.

4. Toshiba XA2 can upscale standard DVD’s much better than the PS3 thanks to the REON chip.

5. Toshiba XA2 is Compatible with my Logitech Harmony 880 remote control.

6. HD DVD is more likely to use VC-1 as blu-ray still uses MPEG-2.

Posted by Jason  on  01/15  at  12:43 PM

gunbunnysoulja - I just wanted to clarify a few of your items since I own both a PS3 and a XA2:
1. The XA2 model is an old model and no longer available from Toshiba. There is no point talking about it. The HD-A35 is their top model and is very cheaply made. 
2. With the current firmware release on the PS3 it upconverts DVD’s extremely well, better than any current Toshiba player does and there are NO delays in startup like with the XA2. 
3. The PS3 will eventually decode DTA MA. It has not been a priority because there has been NO software titles that have it.
4. My PS3 remains perfectly quiet throughout a movie. One earlier revision on the PS3 had some noise issues which they will correct free of charge.
5. The PS3 works with any universal IR remote with the simply addition of a USB IR receiver which plugs right in the front. About the size of a small USB thumb drive.
6. MPEG-2 was just used initially with blu-ray. Blu-ray also supports VC-1. This is a mute point now.

Posted by gunbunnysoulja  on  01/15  at  01:41 PM


There are MANY DTS HD MA titles available.

The A35 is NOT cheaply made, however it may seem that way when comparing it to the XA2, as that was a no expense design.

The XA2 does not have a significant startup delay, since an early FW update.

The XA2 is still available from many leading retailers.

The PS3 does NOT upconvert better than the a35.

The 20gb, 40gb, 60gb, and 80gb models all suffer from the 3 stage fan, and many complaints have been recorded regarding excess noise.

Blu-ray supported VC-1 from the beginning, however they are STILL using MPEG-2 for some titles.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  01/15  at  02:25 PM

I have 2 PS3s, a launch 60 gig unit and a newer 80 gig unit. There is effectively no fan noise on either of them. Certainly nothing you can hear from more than 3-4 feet away.  You’re maybe confusing the PS3 with the XBox 360? There’ve been lots of fan noise complaints with that unit, which is why I’ve held off on the HD DVD Add-on for it. Way too noisy to enjoy a movie.

Posted by Jason  on  01/15  at  02:45 PM

gunbunnysoulja - Again you are not posting facts. Most PS3’s out there are extremely quiet. You can not hear them from a few feet away. My projector makes much more noise than the PS3. A very small percentage had excessive noise due to a bad heatsink design. Those are being fixed at no cost as I said earlier.
My XA2 is very slow to load compared to the PS3 which has no delay in startup and yes I am using the most current firmware on the XA2.
You seem sure about the PS3 not upconverting as well as the A35. When have you compared them? Have you seen a SD DVD on the PS3 with the current firmware?
Don’t get me wrong the A35 and XA2 both do upconvert well and are decent players but you are spreading around a bunch of non-sense about the PS3 being a poor choice.

Posted by gunbunnysoulja  on  01/15  at  04:16 PM

All of the information I provided can be confirmed at AVS Forum with many members having the same opinion regarding upconverting, noise issues, and load up. I love my PS3 and I would absolutely recommend it as a blu-ray player, however, I was responding to the advantages my XA2 has over my PS3. I am NOT a fan boy. I will provide direct links if needed if you are unable to navigate through the forum. I never said they were facts, however, everything I said was voiced by consumers at AVS Forum. Most forum talk isn’t fact, and rather, opinion. All of my comments are MY OPINION, however, don’t accuse me of spreading nonsense if you didn’t take the time to research the issues I stated, or else you would see others share the same concerns. Don’t automatically assume that your opinion is the correct one.

Posted by dannyboy  on  01/16  at  03:19 AM

I love my PS3 but it does not, and will never, be capable of decoding DTS-HD/ Master Audio. That weould require a HARDWARE update not a FIRMWARE update. If they incorporate it, you will have to buy a new unit to get it. And I would gladly do so. I have a # of Blu-Ray DTS HD MA titles I am waiting to watch until I have that cpapbility.

Posted by gunbunnysoulja  on  01/16  at  03:57 AM

Dannyboy, I am just curious if you have any detailed information regarding the PS3’s inability to support DTS HD MA via firmware.

My understanding is the hardware issue is for bitstreaming DTS HD MA and has nothing to do with internally decoding.

It ‘should’ be capable to internally decode via a FW update and output as MC LPCM, in the same manner that it currently handles TrueHD.

Posted by JT  on  01/16  at  08:17 AM

dannyboy I think you are wrong. While most players use actual hardware decoding chips the PS3 does this via software since it has the processing power to spare. There is absolutely no reason they could not bitstream DTS-HD MA via a firmware update. When the PS3 was initially going into production they did not have the decoding working for TrueHD and this was added via a firmware update at the final stage of production. That is the one great thing about the PS3, since it has so much processing power they can do about anything via software changes.

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