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TiVo Series4 ‘Premiere’ DVRs Add HD GUI, Unified Search
TiVo Series4 DVR
March 02, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Premiere and Premiere XL DVRs feature HD interface built on Flash, optional QWERTY remote, Pandora and FrameChannel.
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Posted by Noel  on  03/03  at  12:59 AM

Can I hook up a dvd burner and burn shows through it?

Posted by Doug  on  03/03  at  10:08 AM

Yawn.  This is an HD GUI and Swivel search.  They’ll be out of business before too long.  If Vudu comes out with some DVR functionality TiVo is dead quick.  If you’re charging monthly subscriptions you better be offering more than free products.

? True2Way???
? I would’ve expected Boxee like features.
? No Hulu
? Vudu integration would be nice but guessing Netflix doesn’t like that
? Social networking features.
? Dolby Digital Plus (or better)

Posted by illegible  on  03/03  at  10:42 AM

epic fail on my part. I just dumped 799 bucks into a series3, which is a pathetic piece of hardware and software (The software is not much better than my original series 1, series 2, or directivo units except for the ability to marginally handle HD content) I really expected more… Even my TV gets updates now, right when Tivo seems to have decided against it for series 3 owners.

I’m going from a Tivo fanatic to a Tivo basher today.

Posted by Kenneth Lawson  on  03/05  at  06:20 PM

While I have never used a Tivo, I have used Direct tv, and hated it. If this is based on the direct tv model of GUI and functionality, forget it.
It looks like they did try to some interesting update/upgrades. The keyboard built into the remote looks interesting. As one who has always wanted a keyboard on the sat receiver . I like the idea,  Until one get to actually use it its a guess as to how good it is.

I admit I’m a Dish Network fanboy, I’ve had them over 11 years and have had no problem with them or their equipment
I have been watching with interest the development of media and content providers over the last 10 years.
The ability to bring media off the computer,to the tv, and eventually almost any portable device. Also, bringing tv content to portable devices.

I discuss my ideas on tech and media on my blog.

Posted by Thaddeous_Bonk  on  03/08  at  11:05 AM

“Dolby Digital Plus?” What cable or sat service offers movies or shows in DD+?

You guys are missing the key feature: The screen shot shows COMCAST ON DEMAND. If in fact the Tivo can get On Demand shows from my cable provider, I am DITCHING my THREE f’ing $20/month Comcast DVRs (seriously, with taxes, it’s over $60 just for the boxes). Those Motorola paperweights things are utter garbage, but my kids and wife like On Demand.

If you can access Comcast On Demand, there is ZERO reason to use a cable company DVR.

Not talking about Dish or DirecTV because I live in Philly and I like the Phillies. Sats don’t have Comcast SportsNet. And no, FIOS is not in my neighborhood.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  03/08  at  11:32 AM

Tivo has said that the “Comcast On Demmand” logo was just a mock-up and the Premiere will not be supporting this service.

Posted by Thaddeous_Bonk  on  03/09  at  11:33 AM

A mock-up. What were they thinking? Ah, well. thanks for the clarification.

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