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Theater Room Serves as Lasting Legacy
julian theater
January 05, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
It was never meant to be a home theater. Now this entertainment haven stands as a legacy to one man.
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Posted by Hou Person  on  01/06  at  11:07 AM

Thanks to both Betsy and Julian for sharing their story.  This was possibly the most heartfelt story I have read in a long time.  It did bring tears to my eyes.  I know that as we get older, a very good Home Theater can be a beautiful and wonderful get away.  Betsy Kudos to you, in sharing with your own family; it will mean so much to them.  Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Posted by j0hnny  on  01/06  at  12:17 PM

Maybe it was the room that killed him…

Posted by j0hnny  on  01/06  at  12:19 PM

I guess there is a bright side to everything; at least they won’t have to share the room with yet one more person.  More movie watching and video game playing time for everyone else!!!

Posted by Chirpie  on  01/06  at  12:29 PM

j0hnny, please go back to youtube where your comments are more in line with the average IQ.

Posted by j0hnny  on  01/06  at  12:30 PM

Hugs and kisses Chirpie!  :D

Posted by Rose Fisher  on  01/10  at  09:44 AM

What a wonderful story!

Posted by Reg  on  01/10  at  09:31 PM

What a great story.  God bless them all.

Posted by wd  on  01/26  at  01:04 PM

j0hnny -  bravo - such words of wisdom from such an inconsiderate uneducate moron.  Go away punk. Pox on you!

Having had cancer and gone through chemo, I can relate to this.  Cancer takes too many good people’s lives.  It’s a shame he wasn’t able to see it through to completion but I’m sure it gave him joy to watch it being built.

Posted by j0hnny  on  01/27  at  03:05 PM


Smooches!  :D

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