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The Temple of Boom
October 08, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A few torches, an idol and a little technology helped whip this Indiana Jones-themed room into theater quality.
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Posted by Bill Dritz  on  10/08  at  02:43 PM

October 8th, 2007 at 2:42 pm by Bill Dritz

Why did you do all that work and not paint the speaker boxes? That looks awful compared to the rest of the room.

Posted by Mike  on  03/04  at  12:59 AM

Hi, great job on the layout and design, I was thinking of designing a Batman Cave Home Theater, dark scary. By the way,Indiana Jones 4 Movie is coming out soon, maybe you can add a little touch to the old theme.

Posted by bina  on  03/25  at  05:35 AM

The Indy room is cool, but some of the paint work is kind of cheap looking. I don’t know, as cool as having a home cinema room would be, if I had that kind of money I don’t think I’d go that route.

Posted by John Beck  on  03/31  at  10:28 PM

Really nice. I am a business minded person though and wonder if there is a market for this niche kind of house when it comes time to sell.

Posted by Andryu  on  04/11  at  04:10 PM

Interesting theme in business. This post not only contains a lot of information, but also will be accessible for a wide range of readers.

Posted by Jennifer  on  06/11  at  01:27 AM

It’s great to know that the work has been completed within six weeks. Good. Nice post.

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