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Sony’s Qore Experience for the PS3
The Qore Experience
June 09, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sony launches an online magazine on its Playstation Network…and expects you to pay for it.
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Posted by Ivan_PSP  on  06/10  at  07:39 AM

I love Qore i got the full year but i hope they add the PLAYSTATION Network also with Qore it will be awesome. This a must have service for any PS3 owners this is just the beginning of Sony’s wonderful soon to be #1 service. Bye bye Xbox Live.

Posted by KingPHENOM  on  06/10  at  09:38 AM

Qore is wonderful I really enjoy the content, I bought the years worth for 13 issues which calculate to about $1.92. It is WELL worth that price, so Peter Smith the amount of content is exceptable

Posted by David  on  06/10  at  04:18 PM

Posted by Ivan_PSP on 06/10 at 08:39 AM
I love Qore i got the full year but i hope they add the PLAYSTATION Network also with Qore it will be awesome. This a must have service for any PS3 owners this is just the beginning of Sony’s wonderful soon to be #1 service. Bye bye Xbox Live.

Sorry but you are the diffinition of a fanboy, can’t even make a comment without taking a swipe at another console,  anyway on to this item, seems ok for a first effort, will diffenately need to improve to keep people coming back.  but of coarse Ivan_PSP will buy what ever sony sells,

Posted by Ivan_PSP  on  06/10  at  08:04 PM

LOL ignorant (David) that why i got 2 original Xbox and 1 Xbox 360. And 5 PS1 6 PS2 3 PSP 3 PC 1 Dreamcast and soon maybe PlayStation X only avaible on Japan. When i said bye bye Xbox Live is becasue all of the rulez they like size limit and almost every Xbox Live Arcade game can be play on PC except for Sony’s or even the crap of Nintendo Wii can only be found on the console. Fanboy is you i guessQore is a great service just deal with it and way cheap just $25 for a full year. That was no cheap shot o cheap shot will be this Red Light of Death which i’m lucky enough i never gottem that stupid ####. I enjoy my GTA IV on Xbox 360 since that’s the only version i got for now. But my favorite console will be PSP just letting you know.
Gamertag: Ivan PSP
PSN ID: Ivan-

Posted by Colby  on  06/10  at  10:17 PM

It’s ok…I’m not 100% impressed by it. Give me more…more content, more exclusives. 1 Beta, 1 Theme, plus (1 yr subscription= Free Calling All Cars). It’s still ok, considering I pay roughly 60$ a year on Xbox Live, and get no promised exclusive content from other users. Even if I do get exclusive, I have to pay for it. Live would never give a free game to someone who paid for their subscriptions.

Posted by DeathOrbiter  on  06/13  at  09:54 PM

Thanks for the comments and honest assessment. As someone who works on Qore, I can tell you that many of your points are either being addressed or strongly considered.

For one, Veronica will have a much bigger role in future episodes. She came on board a bit late in EP01’s production cycle.

The ability to save images is one that we’d really like to phase in as well. Hopefully, we can develop that sooner rather than later.

As for getting the PSN community involved, we have some cool ideas around that. Give us a little time to get our feet of the ground.

I have to stress that we are just getting started so it’s safe to say that the product will get a better every month and we’ll be adding features and depth in areas that we hope will surprise and delight our audience.

Peace Out

Posted by Peter Smith  on  06/16  at  08:34 AM

Thanks for the info, DeathOrbiter.

I bought a year’s subscription, so maybe I can get the editors here to let me take another look at it after a couple of months.

Posted by Henry Harris  on  06/28  at  01:00 PM

Right now you can get a ton of content over the network without purchasing Qore, so I don’t quite understand the concept.  Understandably the purpose of the free content is to lure you into buying the console and games. If they’re just planning to switch the free content (or a portion of it) to paid content this seems sorta brainless.  Imagine selling you a TV and later find out the ads and info about the shows are going to cost you. 

In my opinion, the only way Qore is going to sell is if they offer original compelling content and not just extended ads for games.  Otherwise, I can’t see how I would ever subscribe.  Maybe it made sense in the pitch session, but I suspect management was asleep that day. If I was in the room, I’d raise my hand and suggest the material be put in Home instead;  an idea which gives people another reason to subscribe to Home and offers some interesting interactive possibilities.  For example a game vehicle could be previewed ( in the sense you could sit in it and walk around it) in Home, raising excitement for the game.

On the other hand DeathOrbiter promises more, so I’ll keep watching the site. They may surprise me yet.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  07/03  at  01:01 PM

Qore 2 is out today. After I check it out, I’ll report back on whether its better or not.

If any of you get to it first, please share your opinions!

Posted by Peter Smith  on  07/10  at  09:53 AM

Well, better late than never. I finally checked out Qore #2

I’d say its better then issue 1. Veronica is more involved, although a few of her bits are silly to the point of ridiculousness. But she did actually interview people rather than just having ‘talking heads’ so there was a lot more life to the show.

OTOH it still feels pretty light. They cover Resistance 2 with 4 or 5 segments, and the new Silent Hill, Naruto and Madden with 1 or 2 each. Downloads include a demo of Naruto and a Resistance 2 theme.

Interestingly, Brian Intihar (spelling?), Insomniac’s community representative, seemed really uncomfortable on camera talking to Veronica. I found this odd because he was fairly active on The 1Up Show when he was one of the 1Up editors. Over there he seemed quite comfortable on-camera. Not really a reflection on Qore, just a casual observation.

Posted by Henry Harris  on  07/10  at  12:03 PM

Thanks, DeathOrbiter, for your honesty. After thinking about about this problem a little more, I have some suggestions about Qore content.

(1) Movie and comic-book tie ins.  For example an interview with Robert Downy Jr. about Iron Man, the movies and the game. Or do an an interview with Stan Lee on how he sees comics, games and movies complement each other.  Send a team to comic-con being held this month in San Diego.

(2) Pieces on the technology and art of creating games.  If these were well done, I’d subscribe just for this content, but I’m probably older than most of your audience.  Don’t forget to interview scientists who are working on advanced interfaces for future games.  It’s always a good idea to keep your audience anticipating the future.

(3) Hire Leo LaPorte to talk about all things PS3.  Leo is well known for his shows on technology.  He’s extremely knowledgeable, smart and a kid a heart. I’m sure he could do some great interviews with game creators on the subject of PS3 art, engineering and technology.  He also has one of the best speaking voices in the industry that would work well with people of any age.  I’d subscribe to Qore just for this content.

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