The Honda Smart Home Produces More Energy Than It Uses
July 18, 2014 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The Honda Smart Home home has several electronic enhancements and provides zero-net energy living.
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Posted by Michael Wolf  on  07/21  at  10:41 AM

Nothing “smart” about a home featuring technologies that, sans thieving, politically driven, government subsidies, would take years to achieve a financial breakeven point.

Additionally, the pious, smug concern over “greenhouse gas emissions” is pure hokum.  This is not a problem, and never has been.

No basement.  It must suck to live in California.

Perhaps one day, solar technology will advance to the point that it can stand on its own, FAIRLY, succeeding in the rigor of the free marketplace, without a FAR overreaching government stealing from other areas of the economy.

Posted by james  on  07/21  at  12:08 PM

Michael Wolf, the ignorance of people is amazing, and I am sure that you think yourself an intelligent and eloquent man.

The government has subsidized and continues to subsidize every area of the energy and food markets to keep prices low to consumers and make supplies abundant.  They accomplish this through every form of tax break and economic subsidy; as well as the purchase of products for sale and for use by government entities.  No more subsidizing the transportation and distribution sectors that bring those goods to manufacturing facilities and market in the US and everywhere on earth.

While people continue to argue whether or not this should be done, I consider the truth to be that it MUST be done and that IT IS the role of Good Government to do these things.

The problem is that the Natural Selection of Good Social Values and Sound Economic Benefit does not always guide the decisions of those who are given rule over us through our election process.  The far-thinking, intelligent and cognitive conscience of government is almost dead and made slave to short-sighted Greed.

It is the Role of Government to Subsidized the use and Development of Green Energy because of its far-reaching affects on our present and future economic development at home and abroad.  It is a new age of the development of man where all men, driven by the economic, social and political success of the American Democratic Republic Experiment has succeeded grandly.

It is our Coke and Car and Air Jordon ads all over the world—along with Jazz and soul and country and pop—that has the whole earth longing for social and economic development of their own nations and peoples.

Only Green Energy has the potential to fill the whole world’s hunger for the American Dream, McDonald’s, Macy’s and ALL!

It is ignorant people like yourself, regardless of your motives, that are sacrificing the economic forces of the future—which outstrip the old economic forces 20 to 1—to hold on to the carbon-based cheap economic system that cannot be sustainable.

So before you IGNORANT PEOPLE open your mouths, why don’t you do some research!  We NEED Green Energy and all of the benefits it gives our nation as the Leader in the World and the Global Maker and Marketer of Green Energy Technologies.

What a grand economic vision awaits us!

So just as our Government has given us parks, railroads, oil-based fuel economy, electricity, sewers, and a nation of roads that are second to none; it is time for our leaders to lead us down a GREEN PATH of Economic Development.  If they would take 1 Trillion Dollars of the money wasted on a GREEDY WALL STREET, or the EXCESSIVE NUCLEAR WAR RACE and put it on Green Energy Technologies, prices would continue to fall and we would be a World Leading Developer, Manufacturer and User of Green Energy Technologies.

With the future being bright for creating JOBS at HOME and Markets Around The World.

With the Cost of the Whole thing coming back to us in Less than 10 Years with increased tax revenue from sales, manufacturing, consumption and employment—not including increased consumer spending in all of the essentials and luxuries of life that people will to afford as the demonstration of their will in a FREE SOCIETY.

Put that in your OIL PIPE and SMOKE IT!!

Posted by Mitch Arthur  on  07/21  at  02:39 PM

James first off if your going to criticize or attempt to belittle someone then put your name on it. I cant imagine with your self proclaimed intellectual brilliance why you did not post your surname…

Secondly James - when you resort to name calling you have lost the argument.

Now on to your diatribe. Michael Wolf is 100 percent correct. Without subsidy solar energy does not fly. There is no parity and until there is solar energy and any business built upon it is a house of cards. 

From your post i am not sure which pillar of Progressivism, Marxism or Communism your perspective is coming from.  The primary role of government in our constitutional republic is a to provide the people the freedom to pursue their goals, protect us from foreign invasion , provide for a navy, provide for post and post roads, etc…  You know Article I Section 8, the enumerated powers as set forth in the US Constitution. I’m not sure what the “American Democratic Republic Experiment” you write about is? Maybe you can enlighten us Obi-Wan.

It seems the role of government in your world is the state controlled provider of resources that controls distribution to the people. It picks what technologies are winners and losers., Due to the complete corrupt nature of this system lady justice has one eye open while the other winks at her friends and casts evil on its adversary’s. Your centrally planned utopia whereby government determines whats best for you does not really work out to well James.  And by the way James it’s not really Constitutional.

To be real crystel-clear James the “green movement” is a political movement.  It’s entire intent is to redistribute wealth from the wealthy nations of the earth to the poor nations.  A system that embraces cap and trade whereby one is taxed based on the amount of resources one consumes.Those on earth who have a zero or small carbon footprint can take $$ resources from the carbon bank (wealth redistribution).  But the progressives do this under the guise of a moral argument or fear of a catastrophic event (Alinsky tactic) . The original angle was “We are for cap and trade to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the impact of catastrophic global warming”.  We they had to pull back from this James because the globe has been cooling over the past 17 years so now its just climate change.  Well obviously that’s a hard concept to debunk, and pretty clever actually. Climate Change, yeah that’s what we’ll call it. Of course the climate changes, it has been changing for billions of years.  I know because you said so James that i’m IGNORANT but you know what they used to say James; “it takes one to know one”

Your statement is telling and also frightening; “The problem is that the Natural Selection of Good Social Values and Sound Economic Benefit does not always guide the decisions of those who are given rule over us through our election process.” Those who are given rule over us?  Where did you go to school and who taught you this stuff? James last I checked in our Constitutional Republic the people are “sovereign”, we re the law and we elect people to administer our government on our behalf. We are intended to be a nations of laws not a nation of men. No one rules me James, except me.  That’s our system of government as I see our framers intended it to be.  What you speak of is tyranny James and that’s some crazy stuff.

Just to let my ignorance pontificate for a few more seconds James, our rights as citizens of this republic come from “nature”. From your perspective I am not sure you have ever read of or learned about “Natural Rights” you know the concept of cornerstone of America where your rights are endowed to you from God or nature or your creator whichever you subscribe to. We are Freemen James.  Perhaps you could stir your intellect by reading some of John Locke’s works or perhaps pick up the wonderful book by Skousen called the “5000 Year Leap” it outlines how the American Experiment leaped 5000 years of civilization on just a few hundred years.  It’s a great book to provide you a perspective of what out FREE SOCIETY really should be.

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