Speaker Placement: Bipole, Dipole & Direct
Bipole, Dipole & Direct
November 24, 2014 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Expert advice for anyone contemplating bipole, dipole or direct-radiating speakers in their surround sound setup.
Expert advice for anyone contemplating bipole, dipole or direct-radiating speakers in their surround sound setup.


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Posted by Joey  on  08/12  at  08:10 AM

Don’t believe him. I use QUAD pole surrounds from Axiom and they are by far the best sounding surrounds available! Period. I have them in a 7.1 setup. They replace direct radiating and there is simply no comparison. Done!

Posted by Steven  on  08/12  at  09:48 AM

my couch is pretty close to my back curtained (window) area and dipoles at each side of me in my direct line work well for me. I got a decent pair (around $900 for a great locally made brand) and they sounded better than some imports i tried out that were 50% more expensive.

My BIPOLES have a flat side and then 2 angles sides. the flat side faces me dircetly to each side and houses the main driver unit. each angled side houses a teardrop tweeter.

I find them great BUT if i had the space I would happily have well placed direct firing speakers

Posted by Philippe Kline  on  08/12  at  11:04 AM

I also use Axiom QS8’s in my 7.1 (Quadpolar) and they are by far the best surround speakers I have ever heard… and I’m not alone (google ‘em yourself.)

Posted by Justin Fisher  on  08/12  at  04:07 PM

Thanks for the useful input guys.

Personally I have a VERY difficult time buying a speaker based on text reviews on an internet only speaker.  We’re talking about sound here, and my eyes aren’t a good judge of that, only my ears are.

I selected half-dozen speaker manufacturers and went on a quest to audition each of them (got to listen to all but one).

Hands down the clear winner was the Monitor Audio Gold Signature (GS-20 fronts, GS-LCR center and GS-FX side surround speakers, each featuring 6 drivers!!) 

I’m not saying buy those, everyone hears things differently, but don’t make a rash decision based on anything other than your own ears, bc they know what sounds good to you.

Posted by Doug  on  08/13  at  06:31 AM

Interesting article!  I do have a question though…

I’m planning to go with a 7.1 system in my theater more than likely.  I was thinking about going with direct radiating speakers and I should be able to place the side surrounds in a fairly optimal position for the first row of seating… but what about the 2nd row?

When using direct firing speaks for the 2nd set of surrounds, what’s the rule of thumb for placement?  On the back wall?  What angle vs. the seating position?  Or should they be on the side wall instead and use the same 100 degree rule for the 2nd row of seating?  Is a 9.1 setup (Front x 2, Center, Sides x 4, Rears x 2) a possibility?  What’s the best way to achieve a 9.1 setup currently?

Posted by tomd51  on  08/28  at  03:04 PM

The choice between direct radiating (standard front-firing) speakers and multipole (bipole, dipole, quadrapole, etc.) speakers depends more on a matter of preference of the listener and room acoustics.  To have a blanket statement that one is better than the other is naive, regardless whether this is coming from an expert or novice.  I’ve had success using both and while I prefer one type over the other, I could easily think differently if the room dimensions and acoustics were to change.

As some other posters here have mentioned Axiom’s QS8 surrounds, I will also add that these are some of the best surrounds for the money I have auditioned as well as owned.  While a little lean, they provide a superb surround sound field in medium to large rooms.  Emotiva has also recently brought to market some impressive surrounds with several options for tailoring the sound.  For their current pricing, if aesthetics aren’t at the top of the list, these are hard surrounds to beat…

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