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Sub-$6K Theater Delivers Satisfaction
March 19, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
This budget-friendly home theater, and its 106-inch screen, provided the finishing touch to a finished basement.
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Posted by Lee Lareau  on  03/19  at  10:04 AM

Yes -you can do a theater on a low budget- the sad part is you will never know what your missing- better resolution picture, better quality and detail in the dialogue and music
score of movie.  Dynamic range and excitement

Posted by Ben Hobbs  on  03/19  at  11:41 AM

How old is this install? If it’s recent it sounds like some very big corners have been cut without saving any sort of real money.  Who installs a 720p over component cinema with in-ceiling centre channel speakers to save literally 15% over a 1080p over HDMI with proper LCR sepakers install?

For instance;

I fail to see how a 1080p projector would add $2,000, more like $400.

In-ceiling speakers? perhaps for the rear if there’s no other way but from the picture it would have been pretty easy to have put the LCR speakers underneath the screen.  With a centre speaker mounted in the ceiling it’s going to sound like all the voices are in the room above.

From the article it sounds like the video signal travels over component, I don’t see how this saves $1,000, the next model up amplifier is probably $120 or so more and the HDMI over the multiple other leads is probably another extra $150 tops.

Posted by ComputerGuy  on  03/19  at  02:51 PM

I have never seen a large screen/projector combo that provides a good sharp picture. Have the projectors improved to the point of equaling a 50” LCD (1080p)?

Posted by tech_ed  on  03/19  at  03:58 PM

How does he deal with the noise of the fans of the projector?

Posted by John  on  03/19  at  04:52 PM


If you work within the limitations of the projector and content resolution, a good quality projector will produce an equally sharp picture as a 50” LCD. I have a JVC RS35 on an 10.5’ wide screen and the image is absolutely stunning at 13’ away.

Posted by BoonDoggie  on  04/03  at  12:15 AM

Yeah this is weaksauce. Not because its budget, but the comp0nents chosen. A big screen with a 120 watt 10” sub just aint gonna do.This guy woulda done better doing some research, shopping online for components, and getting someone to put em in, rather than buying it all from one shop. Only two sources for video? 720p projector? An up scaling DVD??? Talk about go-fast wing on a Hyundai….

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