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Apartment Transformed into Star Trek Shrine
Tony Alleyne
March 06, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Trekkies in search of the final frontier should stop by Tony Alleyne’s Voyager-themed apartment.
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Posted by Walt Brinkman  on  03/06  at  04:36 PM

So he blow his entire wad on this place, files bankruptcy, and now gets to reap the profits when he sells on ebay? What a great deal, sounds like he learned from the yanks.

Posted by Tom Beam  on  03/06  at  11:47 PM

Seriously, when you declare bankruptcy now, they do not take away your debt, they simply quit adding interest, and they don’t tell you about it…

His place sounds amazing.

Posted by Solo  on  03/07  at  12:59 PM

Has he ever had a girl visit this place?

Posted by Mark  on  03/07  at  01:00 PM

Well he did get one thing correct. It is the ultimate bachelor pad. He won’t have to worry about not being a bachelor living there.

Posted by Windows Vista  on  03/07  at  03:44 PM

Does it fly?

Posted by C. Esium  on  03/07  at  07:56 PM

“Bliss is a room without wires”?
Look at the pics on his website.
Seems like bliss is a room without windows….er, viewports.

Posted by keneko  on  03/08  at  12:12 PM

Well, one thing’s for sure—any girl he manages to attract with this apartment would be the right kind of girl for him.

Posted by captain kirk  on  03/09  at  08:19 AM

fruit loop

Posted by CmdrSue  on  03/09  at  10:06 PM

I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Posted by Khan  on  03/11  at  01:40 AM boldly go where no chick has gone before…

Posted by AngelaC  on  03/13  at  09:26 AM

This design is very innovative. We have been exposed to a number of unique designs here ( but I have yet to see a residence look so authentic just as a stage set for star trek. Great job!

Posted by Trekkie Girl - NOT!!!!!!!  on  03/28  at  12:32 AM

And this “genius” wonders why he is still single and bankrupt.

Posted by Checkov  on  03/29  at  09:45 PM

Say what you want, but this is actually pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having something like this for a rec-room, but probably not a full apartment.

Now as for the girls, tell me honestly that no girl wants be bent over a replicator??? :)

Posted by Jim  on  04/02  at  10:09 PM

Really great work. Forget the whiners, old bean. This is awesome.

Posted by nazca from japan  on  04/03  at  12:11 AM

very very coooooooool!!

Posted by Captain Endicott  on  04/21  at  04:03 PM

i love it please tell us how and when you can beam over to built me one, or yet even better, your designs spects.  blueprints. etc. my dream come true, i want one!

Posted by jorge laforge  on  04/22  at  04:09 PM

what a fruitcake

Posted by little lynne  on  05/02  at  07:28 AM

The man is living his dream.  Too many people do not fulfill their dreams because they are frightened of what other people will say eg ‘fruitcake’.  I say good luck to him. People like him make life interesting.  I love anything ‘trekky’ and would not have a problem visiting his pad, but I would like a bed lol

Posted by chalky  on  05/06  at  06:15 PM

Seriously, forget about the people who are 2 arogant 2 even consider the possibility that people everyone is different are saying, and do what u want! i think it’s great and takes a lot of skill and passion to create what you have! fair play to ya and good luck woth your future projects x

Posted by Alanthecowboy  on  05/17  at  07:11 PM

Apparently he just sold his apartment on eBay for $850,000.00.  I guess he’s got another chance at building the business.

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