Stream from PC to TV for Free
April 19, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Got a Windows PC and a game console? Columnist Toni Kistner says Orb Networks’ free streaming software is worth a look.
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Posted by John Molloy  on  04/19  at  12:57 PM

Nonsense article…

If you have a PC and an XBOX 360 you can do this anyway…

If you have a Mac and an XBOX 360 you can get Nullriver’s Connect 360 and do the same thing.

So, yes, you can get video material and stuff from your computer to the TV.

Apple TV is bought by those people who want an iPod for their television. That’s what it does. You can buy stuff from the Apple Store or download video podcasts and watch them from your Sofa on your television.

Where do you get the stuff from the top of this list - Well to quote MS boss Balmer you probably download it illegally from the internet - which is what he accuses most ipod users of doing.

You can of course rent material directly from the XBOX if you so desire - remember it has that nasty form of drm that means once you start watching it you have a window to finish watching it then it expires. Which of course is a good thing - Microsoft don’t want you OWNING stuff - anyway a decent library wouldn’t fit on your Xbox 360 20 gig drive.

Posted by Phil Kosarek  on  04/20  at  02:02 PM

Yes, you can already access some content through the Xbox360 but some of the features people may want (ability to stream content from a TV tuner card or HDTV tuner card on a PC are only available with Media Center Editions of XP.  Those of us with XP Pro were out of luck.  The Orb software appears to allow this functionality even without using XP MCE.  It also appears that you would be able to stream video formats that the Xbox360 cannot support natively.

Posted by Jerry Nevola  on  05/01  at  11:28 AM

Do you use Hauppauge products with this ?

Posted by Nima  on  05/03  at  07:37 PM

yeah. the 360. what about the wii & Ps3 John?

Posted by Ron Jermey  on  06/01  at  10:18 PM

I believe Orb is dead! They have shut down their Europe operations, fired their sales guys who have closed all their deals, failed to raise a large round of funding, and haven’t been successful in obtaining new users. This isn’t a viral product Good luck…..

Posted by suat  on  08/15  at  07:36 PM


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