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Stay Cool with LG’s HDTV Refrigerator
November 01, 2006 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
LG has had some TV/fridge combos in the past, but the LSC27990TT will have you staring so long, you’d think you saw some old cheese move.
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Posted by opds  on  11/03  at  09:53 PM

This is ridiculous and exorbitant. Can’t our lazy fat society live for 5 mins without their precious TV and HD? Why??

Posted by lors  on  11/04  at  01:09 AM

why does one need this…

Posted by Rufus  on  11/04  at  01:22 AM

What’s the deal . . . are they just looking for things to do at LG - RIDICULOUS!

Posted by stephen  on  11/04  at  01:44 AM

a model virtually identical to this has been on sale and in stock at best buy for close to a year, the only thing discernably different is the claim of HD (does it actually have component inputs)

Posted by michael  on  11/04  at  03:58 AM

The next rev will have a camera on the inside so you can what’s in the fridge.

Posted by Rachel  on  11/04  at  10:06 AM

It would be awesome if the camera could document whether or not the light goes off when you close the fridge… ha!

In response to Stephen: The info from LG did not mention component inputs; just the DVD connection. Of course, there aren’t complete details at this point…

Posted by Todd  on  11/04  at  02:27 PM

A camera inside so you can see what’s in the fridge? Why not just make a transparent door? :)

Posted by Gurhan  on  11/06  at  10:45 AM

Transparent door? That’s not hi-tech enough!

Now if the the camera broadcasts the the video over WiFi, that would be really cool! I could see if I have any beer left in the fridge without moving my lazy ### off the couch. ;) j/k

Posted by paul  on  11/09  at  06:54 AM


Have you all the late 1990’s when the world’s first screenfridge was announced (by ICL Retail Systems) - even the Oprah Winfrey audience were wow’d by it - and it ordered your groceries for you - interactive retailing and all that - the world is just not moving on fast enough!!

Posted by paul  on  11/09  at  07:02 AM

...have you all forgotten…. - was what I mean to say!!

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