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The Homemade Star Trek Theater
January 16, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
From framing to fixtures, a do-it-yourself sci-fi fan boldly goes where no one (or theater) has gone before.
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Posted by Barney Fife  on  01/17  at  02:48 PM

Top 10 List - Best Star Trek Theater Comments
(from slashdot, gizmodo, and EH):

#10 - Does he have two guys who live behind the walls to pull the doors open?

#9 - Cool. It’s probably not something I’d show off on the first date, tho…

#8 - Wow…..That is incredible. Haha…if you live anywhere near east TN I want to be best friends with you!!

#7 - i want to marry this man. totally.

#6 - [kirk]Slaaaaaaaaaaaashdooooooot![/kirk]

#5 - All I can say is that if he invites you over to watch a movie do not, I repeat, do not wear red

#4 - It’s the server! She canna handle it!!

#3 - Where no geek has gone before

#2 - More like where no woman has gone before.

#1 - We are Slashdot. Lower your firewalls and prepare for decimation. Your biological and technological distinctiveness is already similar to our own. Resistance is futile.

Posted by Mac Slocum  on  01/17  at  02:50 PM

#6 - [kirk]Slaaaaaaaaaaaashdooooooot![/kirk]

That’s brilliant.

Posted by James  on  01/17  at  08:07 PM

I found a interactive 360 degree virtual tour of this at this link -

Posted by junger  on  01/18  at  08:10 AM

One more comment, courtesy of ...

“Set phasers to awesome!”

Posted by Brian.Holiday  on  01/24  at  12:54 PM

Pretty sweet, but kind of small for a media room.  With a room that small I would have gone Klingon on the theme.  I guess I am spoiled, I saw a replica of the NG bridge in full size in Vegas.

Posted by Lynn Winchester  on  02/11  at  12:14 PM

What Gary has built is cool, but it’s nowhere near as cool as the interior featured at this guy’s website:

The word ‘awesome’ and more should be applied here me thinks.

Posted by Justin M  on  02/06  at  06:08 PM

This is a job very well done for only $15k
Very inspiring. I wonder how long it took Gary.


Posted by Steve Castle  on  02/06  at  07:37 PM

Check out Gary’s web site, for more info. I think it took him 2 years, start to finish, as a hobby.

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