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Staircase TV Install Opens up Small Room
Staircase TV Installation
June 29, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The owner of this theater finagled four more feet of viewing distance by installing his 60-inch plasma on a staircase wall.
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Posted by Chris wolcott  on  06/29  at  12:08 PM

Impossible?  What details where left out of the story that would lead to that conclusion?  My guess is the companies just weren’t hungry enough to bother with the extra hassle.  A gorrilla ladder and some 2 x 12s would have solved the ‘scaffold’ problem.  To me the biggest issue would be access to the wall from the attic or lower floor in order to do the cable runs.

All-inall it is a very good solution to an architectual quirk.

Posted by Dr.Evil  on  06/29  at  12:12 PM

Good Lord!
What was the designer thinking!?!

It looks like two clerks at a paint store got into a fight with Best buy employee. At least the colors clash just enough to distract me from the pile of gear in the center of the room.

Refund please.

Posted by Jeff  on  06/29  at  09:48 PM

I like it!

Posted by DOT  on  06/30  at  10:31 AM

I think the use of the space was very imaginative.  Just the fact that you have access to watch tv on one of the new inovative screens without having to take up a space in the room itself was great thinking.

Posted by Actually  on  07/01  at  12:33 AM

Two contrasting colors like that are very common in smaller spaces to provide a break or illusion of more space.  Likewise if you look at the picture closer that is a computer monitor, a PC tower and what looks like to decorative pieces on a table, it is not a “rack full of equipment”.  Which is easy to understand because they specified in the store that:  “It then had to run the wires 50 feet to a back bedroom because the owner did not want an equipment rack cluttering the wall’s adjacent guest room.”  So learn to read next time, and people likely would make fun of your home decor if you were ever actually highlighted in a magazine (which is unlikely because of your simple lack of simple details like READING).

I think the solution to the issue was a great idea, and sitting on their couch it likely looks great!

Posted by kballs  on  07/02  at  05:02 PM

And why exactly do you need 4 more feet of viewing distance for only a 60 inch display?  Is it at 480x240 resolution?  If the screen is overwhelming you, get a smaller one!  It’s all about FOV and resolution, not physical size.  I have a front projector with a 92” display size at 15 feet viewing distance and it is just about the right FOV.

Now if the wall over the stairs happened to have the right ambient light characteristics and happens to be the only large-enough wall area without windows or doors (including how it affects rear channel speaker placement, and wife-acceptance-factor), it would all make sense.

Posted by Joe Blow  on  07/09  at  12:03 AM

The guy’s going to have to get one of those wireless sensor bars for his Wii ;)

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