Sony Gives 400-Disc Megachangers the Blu-ray Treatment
July 23, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sony announces two 400-disc megachangers, the $1,900 BDP-CX7000ES and $800 BDP-CX960, as well as another single-disc player BDP-S1000ES.
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Posted by T. R. Tatum  on  07/23  at  05:09 PM

I’m not really sure I’ve warmed up to the idea of paying $1900.00 for the mega-changer.  With the Oppo BDP-83 setting the standard at $500.00, and the BD format having a uncertain future;  I’m on the fence.  Too much money….and if Sony can’t sell me, they can’t sell anyone——I own 4 CX777ES mega-changers controlled by the Escient system.

Posted by brian  on  07/23  at  06:45 PM

thank god… just sent out ten emails to clients who have been DIEING to get this…hope Escient and Control4 drivers are already in developement if they arent using the old 777ES command base!!!

Posted by jay  on  07/23  at  08:11 PM

I don’t think you can compare price for the Oppo and Sony.  I can put the Sony in my rack and load it up with all my BD and DVD and then play it in any room of my home.  Can’t do that with the Oppo

Posted by Scott Gold  on  07/24  at  07:01 PM

Does anyone know if the megachanges are integrated into the Control4 system like the CX777es

Posted by J.C.  on  07/24  at  09:23 PM

Does anyone own 400 Blu-ray Discs? Even if someone did, I’d say there are 10-15% of movies that are on par with an upconverted version on DVD. Really, how many REFERENCE quality Blu-ray’s are out there? This is way too much for a changer. I’d say pass on this one.

Posted by Tom Scruggs  on  07/25  at  01:21 AM

I’ve owned a Sony 400-disc DVD changer (still do now that I think of it.). If you’re consider buying one, make sure you have room for the thing. Not only is it quite tall—it’s very deep. I think mine is around 22” deep. There aren’t many audio/video cabinets that will handle this depth.

Posted by PhilM  on  07/26  at  11:09 PM

And Sony, please bring these units down under to the australian market. For too long we have had no option for multi DVD storage.

Posted by SUOrangeman  on  07/27  at  09:05 AM

Every detractor keeps noting that “nobody even owns 400+ Blu-Ray movies.”  Why is it easily forgotten that these changes play DVDs and CDs as well?  If you have some B-R media, and you intend to buy more, there should be only a short list of reason why you wouldn’t consider a B-R changer.

(BTW, there are over 1600 B-Rs available:

Posted by Tom Scruggs  on  07/27  at  12:47 PM

SUOrangeman is right. I’ve had several different “jukeboxes” in my AV system for years, used mainly for CD storage. Now, I have everything on iTunes instead, stored on an Apple TV. I know many of you want to use the CD as source, but my setup works great for me.

Any loss of fidelity is offset by the fact that the space-hogging jukeboxes have been replaced by the Apple TV, about the size of a hardback book. When space is at a premium, one does what one must.

Posted by R E  on  08/10  at  10:10 PM

I would go for the BDP-CX960 if it had RS232 control like the BDP-CX7000ES as the price is reasonable.

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