Sony to End Production of RPTVs
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December 27, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sony plans to halt production of rear-projection TVs early next year to concentrate on LCD and OLED production.
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Posted by Grayson Peddie  on  12/27  at  12:46 PM

I ain’t care, because with LCD and Plasma, they suck at black levels, plus I don’t care whether the LCD/Plasma had been advanced enough or not to surpass LCoS/DLP. I call it a blind move for Sony, as I’ll be buying an HDTV with HDMI 1.3, x.v.Color, Deep Color, etc. from Circuit City, but the Mitsubishi WD-Y577 doesn’t come with VGA input, as my laptop dated October 2005 only comes with VGA output. Plus, why doesn’t Circuit City carry the WD-57734 instead of Y577? I have a gift card from my mom, as I’ll be buying a new HDTV during January.

I’m sorry for whining/complaining, but Sony just made a blind, bad move!

Posted by Guy  on  12/27  at  02:02 PM

I suspected something like this was coming and more will make announcements soon I fear.  I decided to take the jump this year on one of these due to the rumors that the RPTV’s are going the way of the Dodo.  I am very glad we bought our new LED DLP for Christmas.  If anyone is considering getting a RPTV they should make a move this year before others follow suite and drop these TV’s.  The cost per watt per sq inch, the beautiful display, and bang for the buck are hard to deny. 

I agree I think Sony is caving in too fast on the RPTV.  The slim form factor of the new displays, and with LED and laser lighting replacing conventional lighting these TV’s make more and more sense.  I can say the picture on these TV’s really are beautiful!  We are very impressed with this TV and looks a lot better than our 42” LCD display that was just moved to the bedroom when the new 61” DLP arrived.  This is a much better TV.

If your thinking about getting a RPTV go get them before they are gone!

Posted by Revko  on  12/27  at  02:36 PM

I for one glad Sony sees the light, and realized those clunky things have no part in the future.
Hopefully other companies will follow, and we can say no more to limited viewing angels.

Good riddance RPTV, don’t let the door hit you on that big fat arss.


Posted by Grayson Peddie  on  12/27  at  02:40 PM

Revko, you don’t care about deepest blacks, right? Enjoy your LCD/Plasma HDTV.

Posted by Revko  on  12/27  at  03:53 PM

My new Pio seems great in producing awesome blacks, I am hoping LCD’s will catch up as well…Thanks….Revko

Posted by Link  on  12/27  at  04:10 PM

Clunky things? My Sony 42A10 is only 14” deep and weighs just 55lbs. Nothing clunky about it.
You must be thinking of CRT RPTVs.

I think Sony is making this move to increase the price per unit, because LCD RPTVs are ridiculously cheap for the performance you get.

Posted by James  on  12/27  at  06:32 PM

Interesting Sony decided to stop making them after they lost the SXRD classaction lawsuit. It’s really sad that so many people are stuck on flat panel. The funny thing is usually you find flat panel tvs sitting on cabinets or stands that are over 12inches deep and that could easily fit an RPTV on. Like Guy, there is an LCD in the house (my bros 52D82U Sharp) and my 61” LED DLP. Although the Sharp is nice, my DLP clearly gives a better picture and is 9 inches bigger!! ( my bro agrees and is thinking of switching ). I have seen many, many flat panels and still prefer my LED DLP over them any day, ESPECIALLY for gaming or sports.

Posted by El Man  on  12/28  at  10:56 AM

I think Sony has the right idea.  While RPTVs give an awesome picture, they do take up lots of space and viewing angles are a problem.  These days, people want thin TVs.  Hopefully, this move means Sony will make better LCDs.  I still think the Pioneer Kuros are the best out there, but maybe there’s hope for OLED.

Posted by jd  on  12/29  at  09:13 PM

Sony doesn’t make as much on an SXRD RPTV as other manufacturers do on DLP RPTV’s… 3 SXRD imaging chips vs 1 in the DLP.  I think it’s a money thing.  The Class Action lawsuit could not have helped.  All I can say is you better save your pennies if you want a 60” flat panel Sony LCD or OLED display! 
Maybe they are just fickle… are you sure you want a BluRay they must drop that too.  They certainly had trouble convicing most people that memory sticks were the way to go.
I also see more flat panels on 14” deep cabinets than hanging on the wall, so I’m not sold yet.
I guess I’ll see what Mitsubishi does next when my SXRD XBR2 dies an early death.

Posted by DJ  on  12/31  at  10:50 PM

How soon they forget. I continually wow guests with the picture quality of my 65” CRT RPTV. Recessed and trimmed through the wall, people are amazed at the picture compared to what they are seeing at home. When did convenience of installation start dictating quality?

Posted by TheDarkOne  on  01/02  at  02:00 PM

I have a Sony 60” SXRD RPTV and love it. My question is on bulb replacement. If they are not making the tv’s anymore, does that mean that I wont be able to find a bulb once it come time to replace it? If so, do I need to go buy a couple bulbs now, so I will have them when it comes time?

Posted by JDD  on  01/18  at  12:09 PM

As someone who is in the custom install biz, I’ve always recommended RPTVs to clients if they have the room for them.  The quality can be comparible for a much lower price.

Posted by Cindy Davis  on  01/18  at  12:56 PM

I have recommended the Sony SXRD micro-display to MANY of my friends. It is an amazing display for the money. All the stats do say that this category is declining greatly in sales as flat panels take off. So of course who is going to continue to support a declining product category? But, I think they are premature in doing so. At the end of this year during holiday gift buying time, the masses will go shopping to purchase a “digital” TV because they waited until JUST before the analog-to-digital transition. This huge group has not purchased a flat screen yet because spending over $1,000 is still a lot of money for a television. This group who has not jumped at the sexy flat screen is going to want a lot of bang for their buck. And man, you can’t get more bang for your buck with this display. It’s still not under a thousand dollars, but I just did a quick search on the Internet and found a Sony BRAVIA 60-inch 1080p Widescreen SXRD Rear Projection HDTV for $1,700.

My tip of the day: If you are looking for a great deal on a huge display with a great picture – go buy one of these before they are gone. While you are at it, pick up a Sony PS3 which is the fastest loading Blu-ray player on the market.

Cindy Davis is the editor-in-chief of Electronic House magazine and is not consulted by Sony on which products they should take off the market (or launch for that matter)!

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