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Sirius XM Prices Go Up in March
Sirius XM
January 28, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Both satellite radio services have officially announced plans to raise prices.
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Posted by John  on  01/28  at  09:51 AM

Ever since Sirius took over XM the service quality has gone down.  I purchased my XM radio 4 years ago because i was tired of public broadcasting commercials and talking over the music.  Sirius’s takeover now has all the channels I listened to with DJ’s and alot more comercials.  It’s time to look for another alternative to Satellite as it no longer has any bonuses over Terrestrial radio.

Posted by Mike B.  on  01/28  at  09:53 AM

I had XM radio since day one, until the merged together and totally ruined what i considered the best stuff not on radio.
then it was a huge hassle to get the to drop my account. At least 6 phone calls it took me to get it shut off. I thought part of the merger happening was a promise to the government “not” to change any programming, and to “not” raise prices?

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  01/28  at  09:55 AM

I agree, John. I have Sirius. I’m not sure if I’ve noticed more DJs, but they have dropped a lot of my favorite music channels. Very disappointed that they will start charging for online listening, too. I don’t use it enough to justify the extra cost and I am not willing to lock in for a year (even though I’ve had the service for years now). Just sad that it’s no longer a free option.

Posted by AJ  on  01/28  at  10:29 AM

I’ve never had Satellite radio but my father enjoys it. I don’t see how they can justify charging for online listening when Pandora is free. For those of you that are subscribers, how does Satellite differ from what you can do with Pandora for online listening?

Posted by John  on  01/28  at  10:55 AM

Yes, this will be the end of my subscription. I listen to sirius at work through the internet as this is my only means. There is no way that I am going to pay any more for something that I am already paying $13 a month for.

Posted by Becky  on  01/28  at  10:58 AM

We have 4 xm radios on the family plan and will be cancelling them all.  Completely dissatisfied.

Posted by ROb  on  01/28  at  11:40 AM

Sirius is making a huge mistake. I will be canceling my two radios on March 10th. Good Bye Sirius XM next time listen to your customers!

Posted by David Chapman  on  01/28  at  12:11 PM

Unbelievable…I will be canceling service on my units as soon as the renewal rolls around!  By the way, ask XM about their “lifetime” subscription for $499!  Only problem is that it is only valid for the particular radio you register…get a new radio, pay $500 more!  What an absolute scam.  I am sick and tired of these guys!

Posted by Glenn  on  01/28  at  12:17 PM

Well now, this is an interesting business model.  Increase prices, lose subscribers, with the result being less revenue for an already struggling company.  The increase will have this long term subscriber rethinking whether to continue.  But the big issue I have after that,  is that I currently use Online Listening at work and the 32K rate has never become an issue with our IT people.  Now I will have to pay for the online and the 128K increases the chances that I will get snagged and have to stop using it.  The third issue is the possibility of losing my prepaid subscription money under their annual plans, as these measures are not conducive to long term customer sat that the comp-any needs to keep going.

Posted by Brez  on  01/28  at  02:58 PM

they need to cancel Howards contract which will save them a few hundred million…what a joke

Posted by Gregg  on  01/28  at  03:48 PM

I have the lifetime plan with Sirius and it was under the same wording that it only applies to the unit I buy at the time.  I have since upgraded my radio at no additional cost other than the radio!

Posted by Nick  on  01/28  at  04:03 PM

I have 4 subs with XM.  I will be immediatly cancelling 2 of them (garage unit & a myfi) because I was already on the fence as whether I used them enough to justify the expense.  I will also be evaluating my sub altogether.  Loved XM and it was nice and I was willing to pay the $10 and then the $12 a month but it’s justing getting to be too much.  WAY TO GO MEL!! What a loon this guy is! I’m affraid XM & Sirius bidded themselves into bankruptcy when they competed for content and effectivly commited business suicide.  Oh, and charge me for the online? Go Pi$$ up a rope Mel.

Posted by Dennis  on  01/28  at  04:17 PM

I have 2 Sirius subscriptions and cancelled one of them last week because it was up for renewal. We weren’t using it much, so the decision really wasn’t based on the increase.
Let’s face it, everything is costing more these days. If you are cancelling due to a slight price increase on some of the extras, then sat. radio wasn’t that important to you to begin with.  I have had Sirius since it’s inception, and plan to keep my subscription until they go under.

Posted by Nick  on  01/28  at  04:45 PM

I am cancelling my 2 based on the same reason.  I do not use them enough to justify the expense.  I commute 3 hrs a day so I will not get rid of my primary unit.  I am on a monthly xm sub so I don’t have any dates for renewals.  But since I already pay $41 a month to XM I think the increase is just too much.  What makes me angry is Sirius/XM’s endrun around the merger agreement.  They aren’t going to raise the base but if you are a loyal customer with multiple radios they are going to squeeze a little more out of you.  Thats how I would treat my loyal customers (btw been with XM since 2002 before they reached first 100K subs).  Remember the Pioneer unit that mounted under the seat?

Posted by Bruce  on  01/28  at  05:00 PM

I’ve had three year contracts with XM for a while on two units and I’ll renew them as they come up.  Have you listened to commercial radio lately?  YECH!  I actually like some of the new channel changes, but now I rarely listen to whole sections (the 20’s for example) of channels.  And I miss Cinemagic simply because it’s out of my normal hangout “area”.  But I will NOT pay for their on-line music, despite really enjoying it, simply because I don’t listen enough.  They need to renegotiate or cancel Howard and some of the sports stuff that they are paying way too much for.  I bet in this economy that they could come out ahead if they tried.

Posted by keith  on  01/28  at  09:24 PM

ever since the merge they have been screwing with my bill . I have three radios on my account . one of which is my roomates well when one of my radios that had a 4 year subscription was ready to expire the card that had been on the account was expired so what did they do ,charge my roomates card ,bam…. 365 gone out of his account , it took us two months to get that money back. meanwile no money for christmas presents and rent. they are ########, and are getting better at it everyday.

Posted by WalksInDarkness  on  01/29  at  08:51 AM

I predict that within 4 years, XM/Sirius will be a shadow of its former self.  I was a loyal XM subscriber for 2 years, and was planning on adding two more subs.  But then the merger happened, XM fans lost what they loved best MUSIC Choices.  A few weeks later, I discovered Slacker & Pandora; many “Portable Internet Radio” users are Sirius/XM refugees, and ALL say they will never go back.  Even if the Slacker G3 costs $1,000 I will never give up the customization of the devices.  Except for niche markets, like Truckers and other folks far from PCs and WiFi, Satellite Radio will be nothing more than a curious footnote in gadget history.  Bye-Bye Mel Karmizan!

Posted by roger  on  01/29  at  10:23 AM

If Howard doesn’t renew his contract, I won’t either. I got Sirius for Howard and will drop it quicker than you can say Bababoey when Howard leaves.

Posted by Lori  on  01/29  at  11:41 AM

i started subscribing about a year before howard started, so I think that’s about 4 years ago.  I currently have 3 subscriptions, and love the internet stream.  I feel they are raising prices at the worst possible time, since people are losing jobs left and right.  People are going to start giving up those little luxuries that we have because we can’t afford it.  Let’s face it Sirius isn’t a necessity.  I will be cancelling all 3 of my subs.  I am a huge Howard fan, but will not die if i don’t listen.  Sirius/XM is not rewarding it’s loyal customers especially those of us that have multiple subsciptions, they are punishing us.  Bye Bye Sirius!

Posted by Northwoods_Maine  on  01/29  at  01:11 PM

Apparently their comment to Congress to not raise prices for 3 years wasn’t worth much.  They’re now raising prices to those with more than one subscription.  Nice way to treat you best customers!  They must have gotten this newest customer relations model from the airlines!!!

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