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Shoot-out: $15 vs. $110 TV Wall Mount
April 08, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
We look at some of the similarities and differences while mounting a very inexpensive mount from Monoprice and mounting a more common-priced product from Monster.
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Posted by Orlando  on  04/08  at  11:11 AM

Sounds like a win for low-cost solutions. Will be interesting to see if there is any off-brand bashing by the good ol’ boys. Backlash in 3, 2, 1…

Posted by John  on  04/08  at  11:47 AM

I have installed both the monoprice mount as well as mounts by chief and sanus, and although you get a decent mount for the price through MP, I can honestly say the chief and sanus mounts were both built better and came with better mounting hardware. I would still use a monoprice mount for a cheaper TV, but if I am spending $5,000 or more on a set, I am not going to cheap out on the mount over $80.

Posted by Brian  on  04/08  at  02:45 PM

I’m not sorry to be a Monster-basher, but I’d have to have a gun to my head to give them a dime of my money for any of their products.

Monoprice has done me well time and time again, their material items and shipping costs are extremely reasonable and they will always be my first stop for a lot of what I need to buy for A/V.

Posted by jbrown  on  04/09  at  11:15 AM

I agree with John. I have seen the Monoprice mounts as well. And while they are certainly a good value, the Chief and Sanus mounts (owned/made by the same company) are without a doubt better. Whether they are worth 4-5x the price (dealer cost) is up to the person responsible if the $3,000.00 TV comes crashing down. Most Monoprice brackets have no latching mechanism, which can be a concern for a tilting bracket or a high traffic area or homes with kids.

There’s also the argument of a product made in America by Americans ($10/hr vs. $10/week) And also the mount finder info and tech drawings on the website. Chief has all of that while Monoprice doesn’t even tell you how thick the brackets are or if they will fit your particular TV. I’m not bashing, just stating the differences.

Jason Brown

Posted by britinva  on  04/09  at  01:08 PM

I had similar situation - bought kids 23” LCDs for their rooms and paying 30% of the TV price on a mount is just plain stupid.

The monoprice brackets are more than up to the task.

Now if its was my 46” LCD I might think twice about using a cheaper mount but I’m sure the larger Monoprice mounts are also more that adequate.

Problem is most folks walking into these big box stores don’t realise they are getting ripped of with all the accessories…. so educating 1 J6P at a time.

Posted by KC  on  04/09  at  01:27 PM

I build AV cabinets / furiture for a living with my own shop. I laugh everytime i see an AV set up other than MONOPRICE being used. I have several LCD’s / Plasmas @ my own home, fed by monoprice HDMI cables, held by monoprice brackets. Swivel, tilt, adjustable ect. Perhaps there are some uses for the non afordable MONSTER and others but they dont really justify the price verses performance. P.S. if you hit all 4 studs, a mount will never come down…......

Posted by jbrown  on  04/09  at  01:55 PM

@britinva ... People are NOT being ripped off by buying a Chief or Sanus bracket. They ARE better and they do have more features and better support. Is someone who buys a Mercedes being ripped off when they could buy a Daewoo and still make it to work every day? No. Better costs more, always has, always will. Monoprice = Daewoo ... Chief = Mercedes.

@KC ... the Monoprice brackets have no latching mechanism on any of their brackets. So anyone with rambunctious kids, drunken party guests or a pesky earthquake tremor may find that out the hard way when they are staring at their broken flat panel on the ground while their bracket base is still attached to those 4 studs you mentioned.

And have fun trying to send that new Blu-ray 3D signal down one of those monoprice HDMI cables if it’s more than 15’ long. For short runs, any hunk of crap HDMI cable will work, but for long runs, people with $9 cables from the interwebs may be in for a surprise.

Jason Brown

Posted by Aedile  on  04/09  at  02:45 PM


“And have fun trying to send that new Blu-ray 3D signal down one of those monoprice HDMI cables if it’s more than 15’ long. For short runs, any hunk of crap HDMI cable will work, but for long runs, people with $9 cables from the interwebs may be in for a surprise.”

This paragraph shows that you do not know what you are talking about.  Have fun overpaying for your cables.  I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. 


Posted by Brian  on  04/09  at  03:05 PM

aedile - I was thinking the same thing when I read that.  I’ve gotten several excellent 35’ HDMI cables from mono and they are excellent quality, far better quality than cables that I’ve seen from Monster.

Posted by joemama127  on  04/09  at  03:07 PM

I have a Monoprice mount holding up a 58” plasma…and I can’t imagine a more expensive mount being easier to install or have more real “features” that I would use. The Monoprice mount is sturdy and provides tilt. What else is there really? Unless you have a need for a swiveling/telescoping mount for some reason…just what features of a mount would be used? After I mounted mt tv and set the proper angle…haven’t touched a thing.

Posted by jumpy  on  04/09  at  04:23 PM

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this but there is something called the mMotion Swing. It’s a motorized wall mount that can swing your TV 180 degrees. It’s also a little more expensive! hehe

It would be nice to see a review about this product since the company that sells it is quite new and not everybody in the US knows about it. Of course it’s unnecessary to buy this type of wall mount for your son’s bedroom but it is very nice to have in your living room for example where you can watch TV from many different angles. Here is a link to their corporate website:

Posted by John  on  04/09  at  04:40 PM

The question or debate is not about do monoprice mounts function, of course they do, it is in regards to whether or not the additional money is worth it to go with a competitor. I have both monoprice mounts and Sanus/Chief and I can tell you from experience, the monoprice mount works just fine for my 32” LCD, but my $9,000 projector is being mounted to the ceiling with a chief mount. I have a 55” LED tv, and I have this mounted with a sanus mount. I paid the premium for the TV, why save a few bucks on a mount that comes with cheap chinese hardware as opposed to quality galvanized lag screws sanus and chief both provide. The mount themselves are actually built quite similar, but the monoprice mount does not tilt or pivot nearly as smoothly as the sanus and I would not feel comfortable making adjustments with my larger TV.

Posted by Steve  on  04/09  at  07:37 PM

I’m with joemama - I’ve been using a similar Monoprice mount for about 3 years and have no complaints. And mine latches! I agree that better costs more, but all I really ask of my mount is that it holds the TV to the wall securely. The Monoprice is more than up to the task.

Posted by ubs8rr  on  04/11  at  01:43 AM

Not sure if you are aware but your TV is digital now. So cables either work or they don’t, there is no difference in signal between a $150 20 ft cable and a $9 dollar 20ft cable. The only thing you are paying for is brand name and your stupidity.

Posted by Chris  on  04/11  at  12:23 PM

Jason I would love to see you test Monoprice 50 ’ cables vs any other offerings.  Looks like someone is intimidating by a company that actually wants to save you some money.

Posted by Devin Johnson  on  04/11  at  09:53 PM

Why would you mount a 4k TV with a $15.00 mount made of recycled metal in China.  I prefer an actual powder coated mount.  I prefer the paint to stay on the mount longer than a couple of years. 
I’d also prefer to a pay a little extra and buy from a place that my credit card numbers will not be jacked and used to by stuff all over the world!

Posted by Matueo Numeric  on  04/11  at  09:59 PM

I always hire Professional Installers to install AV at my home.  I would physically throw any installer out of my house that tried to install cheap monoprice products in my home.  Call me stupid but I will not use a $3.00 audio cable with a 10k system!  Monoprice is like the 99 cents store of electronics!

Posted by Chris  on  04/12  at  10:37 AM

lol , I love the time gap in the response time.  Make it painfully obvious it is the same person!  Nice way to throw a cheap jab in there I assume you are a shady competitor desperate to trash somebody ?  Good going.

Posted by T  on  04/12  at  10:41 AM

Can we go back to the start of all this:  why do 7-month-old babies need a TV in their room?  They shouldn’t have one until they’re out of the house, living on their own.  Across the board, research shows the negative impact of televisions in children’s bedrooms.  Let them sit in the family room, playroom, kitchen or wherever to watch TV!

Posted by Mike Sheppard  on  04/12  at  12:28 PM

I agree with a lot of the comments on this.  Monoprice for sure has a place.  But really it is for Do It Yourselfers that just don’t know any better.  But if you are looking for down and dirty cheap stuff then Monoprice is perfect for you.

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