3 Ways to Serve Your Digital Music
May 08, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
There are several ways to get your music fix - from simple PC streaming, to Internet-based services, to full-fledged storage systems.
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Posted by Video Master  on  05/08  at  10:23 PM

You are quite wrong about the DRM with Apple iTunes.  You can now purchase DRM free music and play it anywhere.  I n fact, Apple products are far superior than anything mentioned on this page.  Apple started this media serving trend with the Airport express and now Apple TV. Both are the best for Media streaming.  I don’t know why anybody would use anything besides Apple. Get your facts straight.

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  05/09  at  08:37 AM

Learn to read before you start to criticize:

Some songs purchased from iTunes…

See that word “some” in there? I know I have a slew of music purchased from iTunes that still has DRM on it.

Posted by Jake  on  05/09  at  08:46 AM

Video Master, while it’s true that you can now buy DRM-free content from the iTunes store, anything previously purchased that does have apples DRM will not be playable on the 3rd party devices, like the Sonos (yes, there are hacks, but often shortlived). Before you freak, i too own several macs, airport express and yes the AppleTV, and still crave the Sonos as it does things the apple stuff cannot. Now, if Apple would develop a remote like Sonos’s or Logitech’s new Duet, (maybe the Touch?) that would certainly help your arguement. btw, have you ever tried any of the media servers from the big boys like ReQuest? they’re nothing to sneeze at and offer an excellent, well-supported solution. lastly, check out the slideshow on this article, it has a couple of the Apple products shown, to appease the Jobs masses no doubt ;)

Posted by Mark  on  05/09  at  11:55 AM

I have a Logitech SQUEEZEBOX CLASSIC and DUET and I have all the music from my PC harddrive and Internet music streamed to them. Better yet, they work over my standard 802.11g network, and are a breeze to setup… I can also control them over the Internet (SqueezeNetwork) and get my family out of bed with my booming playlists while on the other side of the country. BTW, the Duet is have the size, half the weight and have the price of Sonos’ solution - and with a better UI, in my opinion. The Duet’s Controller is a fine piece of engineering and controls all my various model’s of Squeezeboxes. I just love it and brag a lot about it - so thanks for letting me yap! Have a great day, and GO, FREE YOUR MUSIC!

Posted by motech  on  05/10  at  10:37 AM

sonos sucks.
freezes up all the time,
and it cant hop on your existing wifi network

the way to go is itunes based solutions, since everyone already uses itunes.

iMac or mac mini to host all music on itunes (wiht external hard drives)
Apple TV’s in rooms with TV’s
airport express for zones without tv’s
iPhone or iPod Touch on wifi accessing in home imac/mac mini running software like remote buddy or Signal (gives you complete control of all your zones - lets you choose which rooms are on or off, and lets you control itunes with album art and everything. even lets you choose itunes radio stations).

way cheaper, way more fun, way better.

sonos is for chumps!!

Posted by motech  on  05/10  at  10:46 AM

besides the fact that the apple tv also streams movies tv shows photos you tube flickr and music videos , all from the same server all with itunes. all for cheaper then a sonos zone.

Posted by Katherine Ryan  on  05/19  at  01:05 PM

Personally, I think serving up anything else but HD music files, like those from MusicGiants, negates the whole idea of creating a great home audio system. The MP3 formats that iTunes, Amazon and Walmart offer deliver low grade sound quality and frankly are an insult to systems like Sonos and Squeezebox. Great for earbuds, not so great for home audio systems.

Posted by Video Master  on  05/19  at  03:02 PM

I have a high end speaker system and it sounds incredible with my Apple TV.  OMFG - and you want us to go back to prehistoric music formats like WMA?? Katherine you MUST be joking.  And music giants has zero good music selection - but it might be good for people like you with bland taste. End of discussion.

Posted by Katherine Ryan  on  05/19  at  03:43 PM

No need for profanity, but certainly to be expected from an Apple guy. I would feel that way too if I drank the kool aid. MusicGiants actually has a fantastic music selection - all of the major music labels and more. As for my taste, it is exceptional and I prefer their WMA music files that are up to seven times better sound quality than iTunes.

Posted by Video Master  on  05/19  at  03:51 PM

I’m not just an Apple guy, I’m a professional video editor in Los Angeles who knows a lot more than you.  Sonos may be good for people like you in the flyover states.

Posted by Katherine Ryan  on  05/19  at  03:54 PM

I am an L.A. native and I don’t own a Sonos system.

Posted by motech  on  05/19  at  05:02 PM

WMA is up to 7 times better then itunes format?
what exactly is itunes format?
and where do you get your 7 times better numbers from?

Microsoft is a very small player in the music business,
while apple is a major player - not only with their own music format, music players - portable and home, but also the best music distribution system in the country - selling more music then wallmart.

the quality is fine.
if you wanna get down to it - get your self a dedicated 2 channel stereo system for ultra high quality music,
but for distributed home audio, most speakers are not hifi stereo-file quality . .

apple tv has digital audio out and if you have your own cd’s,
you can rip these cd’s in whats called - apple lossless format . which i assure you is way better then WMV -

Posted by Katherine Ryan  on  05/19  at  06:23 PM

Actually, I was referring to WMA lossless files which are a much higher quality than standard WMA. iTunes plus samples at 256 kbps, MusicGiants’ WMA lossless files sample at rates up to 1,100 kbps. Their Super HD files sample at rates up to 11,000 kbps. This content is available in 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound. I agree that Walmart and Apple are major players in the music industry, but this discussion came about simply over sound quality for home audio. It is a matter of quality.

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