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Saving With Surge Suppressors
July 01, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A new generation of suppressors offer cost-savings features like auto and remote-off capabilities.
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Posted by remoteviewer13  on  07/02  at  09:38 AM

Love the eco-friendly angle, but there’s still that whole pesky issue regarding the longevity of our precious electronic devices. Shutting them on and off has a wearing effect on the internal components, whereas leaving them in standby mode basically makes them last longer, sparing them the “shrinking” cool down (off mode) and “expanding” heat up (on mode) cycling. This is more or less about PC’s, laptops, and gaming consoles, and maybe some of the more tech-forward displays. Can there be a happy medium?

Posted by EL  on  07/02  at  12:42 PM

What about TV and receiver settings.  If they are shut off will one lose all the settings such as saved channels, color, tint, sharpness, etc.  What about the settings on HT receivers such as db levels for each speaker?

Posted by pglibertarian  on  07/03  at  01:51 PM

Steven the ultra-lib needs to take a serious look at the performance of surge suppressors instead of ASSUMING that global warming even exists, let alone manmade.

Posted by DSM  on  07/03  at  06:55 PM


How tedious.

Posted by Melody Chalaban  on  07/03  at  07:13 PM

remoteviewer12 -

I’m the PR Manager at Belkin, and I want to answer your question as to whether shutting down your devices will reduce their life cycles.

Since eliminating standby with the Conserve surge protector takes place after most electronics have been powered down using normal means (their own remote, for example), Conserve will not unduly stress electronic devices. It’s important to note that unlike the automatic surge protectors, Conserve gives you more convenient control over how and when your devices are completely turned off, and it’s not intended to replace existing on/off switches. But in general, today’s solid state electronics are much less likely to experience that “thump” caused when they’re turned on, and they’re able to deal with many thousands of on/off cycles.

Posted by Melody Chalaban  on  07/03  at  07:15 PM

EL -

Melody here again from Belkin.  To answer your question: Generally speaking, today’s TVs and home theater components retain their memory settings when unplugged, which is effectively all Conserve surge protector is doing when the switch is pressed to eliminate standby. The use of inexpensive “non-volatile memory” allows electronics to keep their settings even when power is removed.

Posted by normal person  on  07/04  at  09:56 AM

Electricity plants do not produce 40% of greenhouse gases.  Are you Al Gore just making stuff up?  99.996% of greenhouse gases are produced by mother nature herself through lightning storms (lightning also produces ozone, ooooooh), decomposition of biomatter, volcanic activity, forest fires, etc.

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