Sarah Palin’s Maverick Installation
November 15, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
On the debut of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” we can see where the former VP candidate cut her home theater budget.
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Posted by BaileyWood  on  11/15  at  05:22 PM

What a completely useless but absolutely hilarious blog post! 

(Please see the above comment as compliment it was intended)


Posted by Kimberly Fabiano  on  11/15  at  05:53 PM

I’ll use this opportunity to shamelessly plug a client… ;)

If Todd isn’t feeling handy enough to run those wires in the wall, they should consider OmniMount wall furniture. Stylish component and cable management — and easy enough for a Palin to install!

Posted by Scott  on  11/15  at  06:09 PM

Can we please leave politics off this site? One more of these, and I’m gone…. Not cute, not clever, and pretty much a non-funny example of all that is wrong with blogs today. Couldn’t find a way to squeeze in a “you betcha”?

Thank God the cable was called a Maverick Cable though, it just wouldn’t have been funny enough to only use the word Maverick once in the title.

To call this a slow-news-day-piece is an insult to all slow news day pieces.

I have (maybe had) higher expectations for this site.

Posted by Bjørn Jensen  on  11/15  at  07:39 PM

Well if it’s suggestions you want then check out where all the verified installers that do this kind of work are members of.  There’s a way to check for certified installers anywhere in the country there.  Also, check out CE Pro magazine.  Go to their website.  There’s a wealth of information there.  I say so because I am in the industry.  Though I don’t do these kinds of installations we support the integrators by creating the commercial grade networks behind home automation systems.  So basically, I can’t fix her issue but I think I’ve given you more than enough places to go to find the right person. ;)  My two cents anyway.  Oh and by the way…check out the awesomest website in the whole wide world at

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  11/16  at  07:58 AM

Scott, I don’t think I was being political—silly, yes—not political. I would have written something similar if I’d seen a sloppy cable in the West Wing. However, aside from the celebrity joshing, I was pointing out the importance of a good professional install. I’ve seen examples of this kind of work many times before, mostly from DIY jobs by people who either didn’t know how to do it differently or didn’t know someone could do it better for them. I also wanted to highlight EH’s very useful Installer Directory.

And Bjorn, yes, great suggestion. I think all the independent dealers I mentioned are CEDIA folk.

Posted by veleno  on  11/16  at  12:53 PM

You don’t have to justify yourself for watching Sarah Palin’s show.  It’s OK.  5 million other people did the same thing.

This was actually a useful post to me as I am about to install a new flat panel and I will have the same issues.

Posted by M.  on  11/16  at  02:08 PM

Best Buy??  I have seen them cut a 48” horizontal notch out of a clients drywall to fish a wire before.. Left the mess for the home owner to patch & clean up.

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  11/16  at  02:26 PM

Yes, your mileage may vary.
That’s all the more reason to look for a qualified pro by looking through our directory or through CEDIA.

Posted by Bjørn Jensen  on  11/16  at  02:28 PM

That begs the question then; How can my company get listed on your directory for commercial grade networks designed specifically for home automation systems?

Posted by Tuck  on  11/16  at  02:30 PM

She can fly me up, I will fix it. :)

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  11/16  at  02:31 PM
Posted by Chris  on  11/16  at  02:41 PM

I’ve installed hundreds of flat panels on walls. Sarah, fly me up - I’ll do it for free…just take me hunting with you.  I’ve always wanted to blow away a caribou from a helicopter.

Posted by G Wiz  on  11/16  at  03:33 PM

Well I worked in broadcasting with millions of dollars thrown into high and low end audio video gear. Cables were in sight everywhere.

I know a lot of audio/video enthusiasts who would trade that hidden cable for a broadcasting station full of gear. Cables and all.

Rock on Sarah.

Posted by Raymond Earl  on  11/16  at  05:56 PM

Hey - you noticed the same thing I did - the consumer grade install - loved the tiny speakers on the walls - and the TV high enough to get a neck ache. Yea - I had a crappy neighbor I did a 10’ high fence for also

Posted by J Lines  on  11/16  at  06:26 PM

I agree w/G Wiz. I’m always messing with my house, yard, cars and AV. I do try to hide cables ... but not for my sake ... my wife sort of insists and still there are some visible because there is always something to be done on the house, yard, cars or AV. Seems to me they are simply an active family that is used to taking care of things themselves ... more akin to some of us self sufficient common folk. I don’t get the impression they get a lot of couch potato time ... or that it’s a high priority for them. For some people I guess it’s a visible cable or a TV that is too high. For me, I typically notice cars with trash inside the passenger area. Can’t stand it and can’t understand how people can let their vehicles get that way ... but I guess everyone has their own priorities.
And don’t get me started on “professionals”. The last four big things I had done “professionally” I could have easily done better myself, but then I’m usually told by professionals that I overbuild things. Bottom line is people are all different ... some have no talent and hire everything done for them and others are do-it-yourself folks.

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