Samsung’s Slimmer Than Slim LCD Just 10 Millimeters Thick
Samsung Slim LCD
October 22, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Samsung is showing off a 40-inch LCD panel that’s just 10-mm, or .39 inches, deep this week at FPD International 2007.
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Posted by amedius  on  10/23  at  01:23 AM

It will be the greatest leap in televesion history

Posted by Mozart  on  10/23  at  10:58 AM

What I want to know is, when are the rest of the components going to change their form factors?

So I have a nice thin 52” LCD tv, and that’s great and all, but I still need a hutch to hold the receiver, dvd player, tivo, cable box, etc, etc.

How about changing the form factor of these devices to be wider and less deep?

Posted by Arlen Schweiger  on  10/23  at  11:10 AM

Ha, that would be nice.  You’ll just have to settle for Bang & Olufsen’s wall-mounted vertical CD player for now, maybe get a media center with cablecard to get rid of the cable and tivo boxes ...

Posted by BP  on  10/23  at  12:28 PM

They will not change the form factor of many recievers, cable boxes, tivos, power conditioners, ect because ethey conform to a standard width. If manufactuers start changing the components sizes, people with rack mounted hardware, or furniture built for holding AV equipment will have a hard time fitting odd shaped equipment

Posted by Johnny  on  10/23  at  07:39 PM

I actually mounted my dish networks satellite receiver box on the wall next to my wall-mounted LCD TV, to get rid of the table beneath.

Posted by Rick  on  10/23  at  07:45 PM

The form factor of the other components will always be large because of the need to dissipate heat.  But you can hide your rack in an adjacent room and hang this on the wall.  The point is that it looks nice and sleek.  And it looks huge next to that tiny girl!

Posted by Andy Anonymous  on  10/24  at  01:26 AM

Seems unnecessarily fragile to me. There’s a certain thickness I -want- in my screen to ensure some degree of peace of mind that it won’t bend or break at the slightest shock.

Posted by Johnny  on  10/24  at  05:18 AM

I think there is some demand for more compact components, or even a nice clean modular approach, maybe not for your main home theater system, but for that tv in the bedroom or kitchen. Smaller may actually be better—smaller, more power-efficient and cooler components, eliminating the need for a separate rack-mounted system in some cases. I for one would like to see some of my gear, if it looks good, that is.

Posted by David  on  11/04  at  03:29 AM

Slimmer is better, I hate moving heavy equipment around, and energy effecient, I am in love my girl friend is petite too finally a tv she can move around ;)

Posted by Barrington  on  11/24  at  04:07 AM

‘The Establishment’ should get their priorities right:
1) Reliabilities
2) Far superior picture quality
3) implement HD (high definition) sound
4) Much longer TV life
5) Wireless
6) Freeview PlayBack (one touch serial recording, pause and rewind live TV (PVR/DVR), and perfectly matching sounds with pictures)
7) Recording and watching 1920x1080p instead of 720p or 1080i using HDMI 1.3+ inputs.
8) At least five years warranties, because TVs will be less reliable - less ventilation space and problems between components within TVs and other products.


To summarize: Thinner screens means more unreliability picture and sound problems.

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