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Samsung 3D Glasses Interoperable When Worn Upside Down
May 06, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Samsung and Panasonic 3D active shutter glasses rely on the same technology.
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Posted by Chris Boylan  on  05/06  at  10:40 AM

This article and the one it is based on from Home Cinema Choice are incorrect.  Yes you can *sometimes* get Samsung glasses to work with Panasonic 3D TVs by flipping them, but you can also get them to work by making a simple set-up menu adjustment in the TV (“3D Picture Correction” in Samsung TV or “Left/Right Swap” on a Panasonic TV).  But more importantly, for a Samsung pair of glasses to be turned on, they *must* receive a start-up code from a Samsung TV (so you can’t just bring them over to a friend’s house with a different TV and expect them to work).  And the most significant issue is that Samsung and Panasonic TVs actually have differnt color shifts in 3D mode, which are corrected for in the glasses.  If you use Samsung 3D glasses with a Panasonic TV (and vice versa), you may get a 3D image, but the colors will be incorrect.

If you check Google News for “Samsung/Panasonic 3D glasses” you will find an article that explains these issues accurately.

Posted by Joe S.  on  05/06  at  12:58 PM

Freakin BS!! These manufacturers should do what the wireless phone industry is doing by 2012…making ONE universal car charger for all phones!! Not only does this save our landfills (I am no treehugger by the way) but it also doesn’t PENALIZE the consumer for wanting to upgrade. Didn’t we learn anything with the HD-DVD/Blu-ray war? Lots of money was spent and only one format survived. We’re right at the beginning of this 3-D thing. Do it right!

Posted by John  on  05/07  at  09:44 AM

@Joe S.
Either pay the premium and work through the kinks, or DONT BUY IT NOW and you have nothing to worry about. Didn’t YOU learn anything from the HD-DVD/Blu-ray war.

Posted by Joe S.  on  05/07  at  12:29 PM

John…dude…RELAX. I was making a comment about the general industry. I never said I was going 3-D (because I am not). I did learn from the format war which is why my only hi-def purchase was a Blu-ray after Blu-ray came out on top.

Posted by John  on  05/07  at  02:50 PM

Then what exactly are you complaining about. Let the people who “need” to have the latest technology work out the bugs and 1-2 years you can enjoy it like everyone else. There has never been a universally accepted format at the initial release. It takes time to figure out what works best and the best way to implement it.

And dont tell me to relax when you start your rant with Freakin BS!!!

Posted by Joe S.  on  05/29  at  08:12 PM

Yeah John…because I was directing my comment at YOU. Relax #########. I was simply making a general statement.

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