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RTCoA Debuts Wi-Fi Thermostat
November 18, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Based on GainSpan’s GS1010 SoC, the CT80 can connect to your home’s wireless network.
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Posted by Roland C  on  11/26  at  09:10 AM

This article is not clear…“This allows you to access the unit from any computer .....”

Does this mean inside the home, or does it mean from anywhere.

I need a thermostat that I can program from a web page, can some one on this planet invent it, make it simple, affordable and give them the nobel prize for efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by joe smow  on  01/29  at  11:17 AM

I hear you Roland C, I want the same thing, web browser based programmability of thermostat. here ye, here ye…....

Posted by Steve Podell  on  03/01  at  11:47 PM

None of the articles about the ct80 are very clear.  My question:  Is the ct80 a web server that you can query and program with only a web browser (not very difficult for a manufacturer to do), or is just a sensor/controller that can be connected to over WIFI by a proprietary program running on a computer?  If it is a webserver, why no mention of that or screenshots?

Posted by Blake  on  07/01  at  07:58 AM

Static IP baby. Thats how you connect all over the world baby!!!thermostat

Posted by alex  on  04/17  at  07:02 PM

It means you can access it from anywhere just like what they do with mac data recovery.

Posted by Karl L  on  05/06  at  04:46 PM

Their website sucks and provides no meaningful data.  Anybody got tech specs

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