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Rotel Introduces Surround-Sound Receiver
January 16, 2007 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
New five-channel RSX-1058 includes video scaler and plenty of HDMI options.
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Posted by Adam  on  01/17  at  04:50 PM

Does this support Audio over HDMI?  That is a huge feature that the 1057 is currently laking.

Posted by Felix  on  01/21  at  07:55 PM

Why not 1080p? Than it really would be competitive!

Posted by Terry Booth  on  03/13  at  07:43 AM

Are the HDMI ports 1.3 or still the 1.1 software release?

Posted by JoshO@HTS  on  08/18  at  10:50 AM

I think most people buy Rotel for the sound quality, not the feature set.  Anything they do additional is just gravy.

Posted by Rick  on  09/03  at  03:08 AM

I can’t wait for there replacement of the RSP 1098 to something with hdmi 1.3 and full 1080p upconversion and i hope it has two hdmi outputs, i have RMB1095 and RB1080 to go with when it comes(hopefully soon)and yea, they do sound great and total control which i love(with my klipsch towers)unreal Rotel.

Posted by Brandon Boshnack  on  09/14  at  06:47 AM

If I buy the rotel 1058…will I be able to watch my pioneer FHD-PRO1 TV in 1080P with a blu-ray/HD-DVD player that has integrated upscaling built in despite lack of 1080P upconversion of the reciever?

Posted by Rick  on  09/15  at  01:14 AM

I must point out that somehow this site has the names wrong, I posted about the rsp1098

Posted by harley  on  10/22  at  09:50 PM

Does anyone know the going canadian price for the new rsx-1058.

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