Rise of the Jedi Theater
June 16, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Instead of cluttering his Star Wars-themed theater with memorabilia, this homeowner went to the dark side and had it modeled after Chancellor Palpatine’s office.
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Posted by Steve Simon  on  10/04  at  02:59 PM

Hi Steve Simon here.  I was happy to see that my theater has been feautred here in Electronic House.  I am a frequent visitor to the site as well as a subscriber of the magazine.  I am sure some of the readers of this article are interested in asking me some more question.  Please feel free to write.  I am excited to say that my company Home Imagineers is actively designing Home Theaters and brining the best that technology can buy into peoples homes.  You can visit my site at and just a note that I will be featuring a theater at the Palm Beach Home Show next weekend Oct 10th thru the 12th.

Posted by Andrew Trask  on  10/10  at  10:08 AM

Great to see this theater get some attention!

It was great working with Steve on this project and to see all the imagination come to life.  He really has something special in his home.

The city landscape imagery that is printed on the fabric was indeed created from scratch. 

Every single building was modeled and rendered in 3ds max.  The final pixel dimensions for the entire image was 27,617 x 2839 px.  This was a huge challenge to pull off as the output limits with 3ds max on a desktop computer (powerful, but still a desktop) hover around 3300 x 2550 px.

Lots of scripts and plug-ins and frustration was needed, but in the end it was all worth it.  The final print is very crisp for its size, and it really completes the immersion of the theater. 

If there are any 3d artists out there who are having trouble with large format renderings and need some advice, feel free to drop me a line.  I also have some of this project documented online -do a search for ‘silky pixel theater’ and it should come up.

Posted by Marcus Grant  on  10/15  at  05:19 AM

i just love the whole design and theme here, my question is one that i would love the answer, Where would you get the props, material used for the ceilings and sides, any tips on how to do something similar.  How would i go about it.  Can you give me a list of things to do and get…


Posted by Marcus Grant  on  10/15  at  05:22 AM

Hi marcus Grant here, I love everything you have done here, and i would love it if you could help me… i need some tips and design help, where did you get the materials, design fabrics, what tools, can you give me a step by step on how it was assembled.. i would like to do something simliar for myself… just to get the know how would be fantastic…


Posted by Steve Simon  on  10/17  at  08:16 PM

Marcus, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Marcus Grant  on  02/06  at  07:12 AM

Hi Marcus here again, thanks for replying and i am very interested in this, i do basic Home Cinema set ups, but there is alot of this that can help me on creating my own for a part of my house that i am doing this year, so if you can help me through this, i will be helpful in trying to get maybe some kind of work between us if someone sees mine in my house then i can show clients and take it from there, 1st thing is a list of tools, materials and costs for something like this. what if i wanted something similar where would i get the moulds like in star wars other theme, this is amazing and if i could do something similar that would make it all the better…
thanks again

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