Review: Vizio VF551XVT LED-Backlit LCD
November 13, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Vizio’s bargain VF551XVT and VF552XVT LED LCD HDTVs are A-OK.
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Posted by Bill  on  11/13  at  11:56 AM

Does this mean Hulu is definately not going to be part of VIA?

Posted by Matthew Wise  on  11/13  at  03:10 PM

This article and this TV have alot in common, they are both JUNK! Why is this article a highlight of the specs? I can read a manual. Why is this TV 40 pounds more than the similar Samsung (55a6..) I think Dennis should have stayed at Consumer Reports.

Posted by Matthew Wise  on  11/13  at  03:17 PM

correction on the model number Samsung 55b8000 and it’s 30 pounds heavier.

Posted by Marcus  on  11/14  at  08:09 AM

Mr. Wise, care to elaborate why the TV is junk. If you own it, explain? Have you tested it? Have you used one? I personally don’t own it, haven’t see it in action and don’t plan on buying it? Don’t own a Vizio. Have considered buying a Vizio for secondary locations in my home. Bedroom or study. I’ve seen them in stores. Look to be quality products. Some readers may be thinking about buying. If you post negative comments at least back up your statements. Some people will be happy to save $1000 versus 30 pounds.

Posted by jeab  on  11/14  at  02:12 PM

What article are the other posters commenting on?  I sure isn’t about the Visio VF551XVT.  Anyway Dennis Barker failed to mention that this set has PIP which most of the “top-of-the-line models from Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Pioneer”  no longer offer.  I guess you can call those sets, CHEAP!

Posted by David  on  11/15  at  08:14 AM

I have always purchased what the reviews rated (and the high cost should reflect) as top of the line products. The last LCD TV I purchased is a Vizio. I went back to the store several times just to look at the picture quality and make sure it was the same serial number that was running all day and being used by countless people over the course of a month. Sure enough it has been a great TV with a sharp, bright picture, and no service problems at all.

I agree that the article reads more like an overview than a review, but junk?! Nope, the Vizio that I own is a low cost, great performing TV. I will be closely looking into purchasing this new Vizio!

Posted by *  on  11/15  at  06:37 PM

My biggest problem with the Vizio TVs are they are not “control friendly.” Maybe they have cleaned up their act with the more recent models including this one, but at one time none of their models have discrete IR codes, and certainly no serial connections.

Posted by Oat  on  11/16  at  05:03 PM

@Matthew Wise

While a agree this article reads like an ad, please due some research before posting such misleading info. While i admit Vizio is not at the top of my list, they due use the same parts as other manufacturers. The LCD panel they use is from LG, the same LG XXLH90 panel that I have which approaches the display quality and black level of the Pioneer Kuro. Don’t take my word for it, read the reviews at PC Mag and Cnet.

Secondly, the LED LCD Samsung 8000 you reference uses edgelit LEDs not backlit LEDs. This is a different tech all together. A better comparison would be the new Samsung 55B8500 which is twice the price of this display, but not even close to twice the improvement. And the Samsung B8500 scored almost the same on Cnets reviews as the Vizio. It scored exactly the same as the LG XXLH90 that I have which cost half the price. Even the Sony XBR8 is better than the TV you present.

Thirdly, Samsung was once viewed as a junk brand also by many consumers.

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