Review: Sony’s 400-disc BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray Megachanger
September 01, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Blu-ray goes mega as Sony’s new player makes collecting discs worth it.
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Posted by Brett  on  09/01  at  09:05 PM

Please explain how you can link them together to get one interface, I see no such support for this in the guides from Sony.

Posted by Grant  on  09/01  at  09:34 PM

Brett, that’s a good question. I didn’t try it myself (because sony only sent one unit). Based on past experience with other Sony ES changers I asked the company about this and was told that they are designed to be daisy chained. If I get a better explanation on the steps to do this I’ll post it here.

Posted by Colin  on  09/03  at  12:18 AM

Thanks for the write up, very interesting. It’s just a shame that Sony thinks the UK market is not a place to sell these mega changers. I tried with the last DVD changer, it was a US only purchase. Given the weight of it, I wasn’t about to import and then be hit with tax etc.  Well, the Kaleidescape is too much money, so I will keep scanning the market for a decent way to rip my legally owned films, or maybe Sony will bring this to the UK.

Posted by PhilM  on  09/04  at  10:42 PM

Does anyting thing this Is it going to be released down under?

We too missed out with the last unit.

Posted by Grant  on  09/05  at  07:40 AM

To connect multiple units you need to hook them to a control system such as offered by Escient, Russound, Crestron or Control4.

Posted by geoff  on  09/05  at  06:04 PM

Will this unit decode the advanced audio formats and send them out as pcm over hdmi?

Posted by Jed  on  12/29  at  03:25 PM

I am also interested in using it in Australia. What sort of regional zoning limitations does the player have? Can it play all regions of DVDs and BRs? If it can, could I convert power to meet the requirements of the US machine, but use it anywhere in the world?

Posted by PhilM  on  12/30  at  06:29 AM

Just saw a hi res pic of the rear of the unit and it is only 120v which is crazy.

The transformers are quite cheap so it is only the zoning we need to deal with.

Come on Sony, get with the program!

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