Review: Netflix Watch Instantly on 4 Devices
August 10, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
We compare Netflix streaming on TivoHD, Samsung Blu-ray, Roku Netflix Player and Windows Media Center.
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Posted by John  on  08/10  at  10:37 AM

I have always wondered how Xbox 360 compared to the Roku player as far as ease of use and playback quality. If you have any experience with this, please let me know.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  08/11  at  09:26 AM

Roku just added HD baseball streams from MLB.COM, though a subscription to MLB.COM is required.

Posted by kimberly  on  08/11  at  02:02 PM

Just wondering you compared what you have in your home existing but were/are you able to compare other devices such as the completely wifi version of the samsung or the lg with toggle?  Thanks as this maybe the biggest factor for me as I need a unit completely wifi wireless.  Also as a sidenote have you tried a PS3? I have not tried but it does connect wirelessly to the interenet and from there possibly watch netflix thru the tv. Just another option to try . Thanks for the info. Kim

Posted by Rikki  on  08/11  at  02:30 PM

Why no mention of the XBOX 360 when it was one of the first devices to use Netflix streaming?

Posted by John  on  08/11  at  04:58 PM

I agree, I was really hoping for a review of the XBOX 360 as well as it is definitely an affordable option, but there is no mention of it in this article.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  08/12  at  12:51 PM

I’m hoping to possibly add an update to include XBox 360 comparison.  I’ll be getting an XBox 360 in soon and need to make sure the new Dashboard update is downloaded and installed.  I’ll try my best to comment on the GUI, PQ, and Stream Quality as in the other comparisons, but also the unique features like Movie Party. 

I haven’t got to look at any of the other Wireless options (newer Samsung BD players, LG BD players) but in terms of GUI performance and IQ they really should be right on-par with the Roku box. 


Posted by John V  on  08/12  at  04:37 PM

I would also be interested in adding a Windows PC and Xbox360 to the comparison.

I have watched a few shows using Windows, and over the summer we have used my son’s Xbox360. An issue with the Xbox is that it requires the Live subscription, so an additional cost (maybe $45 per year) for that.

One complaint I heard about the Roku box is that the buffer is small, so your Internet connection needs to be consistent for a high quality picture. I’m not sure why they couldn’t add a few GByte memory (or a usb slot) for a small price increase. That would allow someone with a <1Mbs connection to still watch HD.

The author mentions having a 5Mbs cable connection. I thought Netflix might use up to 6Mbs for their highest quality streams?

I’m tempted by the Roku box, but also considering building an Ion set top box. Not sure what it would run, Windows7 or Boxee or Myth frontend?? If Roku would add Hulu (and maybe Youtube) support, that would push me in their direction.

PS - the “capcha” seems to be broken. Asking for the fourth letter of the word “theater”, but won’t accept a.

Posted by Mitri  on  09/03  at  11:02 PM

The PS3’s browser wont play the netflix media by default.  also both the 360 and the ps3 can play netflix, hulu, etc.. by using a product called play-on.

it uses your computer as a bridge to the websites and uses the computer to convert it to whatever format will play on your console. (with the 360 it’ll play netflix without having the subscription to live) it comes with a 14 day trial to work out the kinks.

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