Review: AV123 ELT525 Speaker Package
December 30, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
If you’re looking for a tremendous value 5.1 speaker package that plays music as well as movie soundtracks, the ELT525 has much to offer.
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Posted by Armaan  on  01/20  at  06:53 PM

Well-written review man!  Can you also review their “Rocket” 5.1 System as well?  I’m happy to see that one of the major publications out there is taking the time to review this brand…I’m tired reading about B&W, PSB, Paradigm, Monitor and Revel…I, like other consumers, am looking for VALUE!  Keep up the great work.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  01/20  at  08:43 PM

No plans for a Rocket review at this time, but hopefully in the next month or two I should have an interesting Swans 5 channel package for review.  Also, look for 5.1 package reviews from SVS, EMP, and Premier Acoustic in the coming weeks!

Posted by Armaan  on  01/20  at  09:39 PM

Awesome, can’t wait!  I have your site bookmarked.  Thanks again, Stephen.

Posted by Larry Dalton  on  02/11  at  05:09 AM

I have a pair of the small ELTs which we use in one of our desktop systems. It is a very good little speaker. We’ve also used them in our bedroom and guest room. The ELTs are designed by the well-known speaker guru, Danny Richie ( Because of the unusually high quality drivers used and solid crossover design, Sean of (who specializes in extremly high quality parts crossover upgrades) offers on his web site several increasing levels of crossover improvement for the ELTs which transform an already good speaker to the level of small audiophile speakers that cost considerably more (in the area of $1500 - $2000 depending on the manufacturer SRP. Of course, the “mods” apply equally to the floorstanding ELT 525 and center speaker, as well. Those interested in upgrading their ELT speakers should contact Sean. I’ve found him to be very nice, not pushy at all and best of all respond immediately to all my questions no matter how silly.

AV123 also sells HT packages of their “Rocket” speaker line which is very popular and has more options regarding speaker size; also, they still have some of the cult-popular famous “Giant Killer” Xls Encores. These are really exceptional speakers. I have Xls because of all the great reviews for a small budget “giant killer” speaker.

Posted by Robert  on  03/10  at  12:36 PM

The ELT’s are excellent speakers.  It’s a shame what MLS (owner of av123) has gotten himself into.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  03/10  at  02:54 PM

The alleged actions of Mark L. Schifter, owner of AV123, are unfortunate.  The situation brings in to question how long AV123 will continue to be able to ship orders and provide customer support.  As such, I can’t endorse or recommend our readers purchase from them, regardless of the performance of their products.

Posted by Armaan  on  03/11  at  12:00 AM

What happened?  Did I miss something??

Posted by Chu Gai  on  05/12  at  02:24 PM

Mark Schifter was indicted on several felony counts of running a raffle scam on the company website. Given that the review occupies such a prominent footprint while the comments section is pretty darned small, ought there not be a more prominent admonition? Perhaps even a retraction?

Posted by Armaan  on  05/12  at  03:19 PM

Big deal.  The Editor needs to re-think the way he goes about issuing statements pertaining to legal issues.  This is a Home Audio site, not The Economist.  I’ll still buy all their products, as long as their retain the quality and service that I have received thus far (ordered Rocket 850/450/RSC200 + 2 MFW15s).  At the intersection price and performance, you have value, and the AV123 speakers have TREMENDOUS value.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  05/12  at  03:57 PM

My comments regarding performance of the product reviewed still stand.  I can’t, however, recommend the product based purely on the questionable future of the company and possible diminished abilities to supply future customer support and warranty service.  As for Mr. Schifter, he is still innocent until proven guilty and I will not pass any judgement in regards to his legal proceedings.

Posted by Armaan  on  05/12  at  06:08 PM

I understand your point of view, but I do not agree with it.  You can still call AV123 and a human being will answer the phone.  Part of the reason so many people are willing to talk negatively about AV123 is because it’s such a small company.  Many companies have gone through worse indictments ethical shortfalls, yet still stay in business and are effective in their mission.  Goldman Sachs, General Motors, BP, etc.  A negative piece of press like this shouldn’t change people’s minds about the product.  But alas, it will…due no doubt to “group think”.

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  05/12  at  10:08 PM

AV123 doesn’t have government backing during troubled times.  While I hope they make it through their troubles and come out better on the other side, I also think buying from them in the short term would be a risky proposition from the standpoint of future warranty and customer service.  I agree that these issues shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about the product, but it may be short sighted not to consider how it might effect the company backing said product.

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