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Q. Why Can’t I Watch Blu-ray Movies on TV Via My Computer?
July 29, 2008 | by Bryant Moore
One of the components likely isn’t HDCP compliant, says Bryant Moore.
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Posted by David Greenstein  on  07/30  at  04:45 PM

You can always try to connect it via a VGA cable as well, VGA supports 1080p.

Posted by David Greenstein  on  07/30  at  04:46 PM

And it’s analog, so no messy DHCP!

Posted by Peter  on  08/01  at  12:19 PM

Well isn’t DHCP just WONDERFUL. What a mess!

So- I should be treated like a criminal for wanting to play Bluray discs on my nice multimedia computer through my nice plasma TV?

Nice way to shoot yourself in the foot distributors.

Posted by Scot Apathy  on  08/03  at  01:38 PM

Make sure that you are not mirroring the screen on your TV. You MUST make the TV the ONLY monitor or HDCP copy protection will activate and give you the error that you are seeing.

Posted by Devon S  on  08/21  at  04:51 PM

I agree with Scot Apathy.  I also have an HP laptop with Blu-ray.  I plugged it into my HT and got the same warning.  I adjusted the display properties to only use my TV (well, projector actually) and everything is fine.  It also seemed to work just fine if I left the laptop closed and popped in a disc.

Posted by Richard  on  08/25  at  06:54 AM

You can get AnyDVD HD from Slysoft and rip the Blu-ray disc to your hard drive and be done with this nonsense.

Posted by Pat  on  11/23  at  08:50 PM

I am having the same problem and HP support cannot figure it out. The computer is brand new and plays DVDs perfectly but I get the “content” error message when trying to play BluRay DVDs. Any workarounds??

HP s3650f

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