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Q. Can You Recommend a Simple Remote for My Home Theater?
June 02, 2008 | by Gregg Schwartz
Gregg Schwartz breaks down the pros and cons of touch screen and “candy bar” remotes.
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Posted by Rob Conlin  on  06/02  at  11:54 PM

the lighting is probably going to be the biggest decider on what remote you will use.

lighting =
IR like lutron spacer - any IR remote
z-wave - harmony 890, monster avl
radio ra - check w/remote manufacturer (may need rs232 connection via head unit)

Posted by Orlando  on  06/03  at  01:26 AM

Both U.R.C.(Universal Remote Control) and RTI make capable systems for what you want to achieve. For universal I would recommend an MX-3000 or an MX 980 alongside an MSC-400 as the brains. For RTI a T2-Cs or T3-V or a T-4 with an XP-8 to run the show. The U.R.C. solution will be the less expensive way to get the job done without making any real compromises. Just make sure you find an installation company that can program which ever system you choose properly. There’s nothing worse than beautiful controllers that don’t work.

Posted by Chris L.  on  06/03  at  12:13 PM

Why not consider a Nevo Q50?  They’re fully customizable and will control IR-based lights.  As zwave lights become more common, it should be able to control them as well since it’s wireless communication protocal back to the Nevo Connect (IR switch) uses Z-Wave.

Programming the Nevo’s are such much easier than the URC’s.

Posted by Orlando  on  06/03  at  05:41 PM

I checked out Nevo and they seem like very capable, stylish remotes, and you’re right, the software looks very user friendly(although URC is similarly easy). Only concern is no RS-232 interface that I could see in their product lineup. That and relay capabilities may be needed in a full blown theater room.

Posted by Bret  on  06/09  at  07:47 AM

The NevoConnect is capable of RS-232 serial control with an optional dongle. It also has sense inputs for managing power toggles and macro commands. It is also a much better value than the competitors RF/control boxes.
The 2-way Z-Wave technology is very robust with much better range than regular RF and lends itself to operating other Z-Wave devices in the future - lighting, HVAC, etc. RS-232 or IR can control lighting for now.
The best part of the NEVO is the powerful but fast and simple drag and drop programming software.

Posted by fubara benstowe  on  07/05  at  07:59 AM

i need a circuit diagram of a remote control used to control a motor clockwise and anticlockwise

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