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Q. Can I Have One Wireless Touchscreen Remote For All My Systems?
June 16, 2009 | by Scott Varn
With DIY options limited and unreliable, professional systems such as Crestron and Control4 are the recommended choice.
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Posted by Greg Rhoades  on  06/16  at  09:30 AM


Don’t forget about HAI!  For years HAI has reliably controlled your lighting, temperature, security and more.

Now, with the OmniTouch Portable 10” Touchscreen, and the Home Theater Extender, we can also wirelessly control all of your A/V equipment as well!

Another affordable option is the Philips Pronto remote control.  HAI has 16 language versions (All Free!) available for complete home and AV control.

-Greg Rhoades
Marketing/Website Coordinator
HAI (Home Automation, Inc.)

Posted by Jay Martin  on  06/16  at  09:51 AM

Actually, using INSTEON technology from, you can control pretty much everything reliably and that includes INSTEON enabled thermostats. And it’s a LOT less expensive than the professionally installed solutions.

Using our Indigo product, you have free access to Indigo Touch, our iPhone/iPod touch application, that allows you to connect from anywhere to control your house: again, including thermostats.

There are solutions out there that aren’t for “uber geeks” and that are quite reliable. So, decide what “EVERYTHING in my home” means in a practical sense, then look for a solution that fits your budget and accomplishes the tasks you require.

-Jay Martin
Perceptive Automation, LLC.

Posted by Attorney  on  06/16  at  10:53 AM

Your description sounds like the answer to the problem. Battreis rechargeables don’t last forever and it sounds like yours are about shot.


Posted by John Nemesh  on  06/17  at  12:08 PM

Todd, there are many options for you for control, it really depends on exactly what you want and what you are controlling.  Sometimes you will find that you can control your existing equipment, or you may have to replace certain items (such as your thermostat) to get a model that can “talk” to a control system.

While I won’t say that you CAN’T do it yourself, I do believe that this is a LOT EASIER if you hire a professional!  I happen to be in the Seattle area and I work with several well known integrators in the area and would be glad to recommend a couple.  Feel free to email me and I can put you in touch with someone to help you with this.

Posted by John Nemesh  on  06/17  at  12:32 PM

Sorry, I guess the webpage doesnt show the email…my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Posted by Search engine ranking  on  06/19  at  12:34 AM

I’d think hard about a touchscreen remote. I had one and they suck.You can’t read them at night, without hitting the backlight button, which burns batts even faster.

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Posted by Derek Cowburn (  on  06/20  at  10:59 PM

No one manufacturer can do Everything fo Every home situation.  That’s what systems integrators are for.  We CAN do anything in every home.

Generalizations like “touch screen remotes suck” is clearly based on your limited experiences.  RTI makes some excellent hardware for example, but it’s the integrator that programs it that makes it successful.

Posted by Terry  on  06/26  at  03:20 PM

Professional, RTI, Amen!

Posted by Jay McArdle - Zdi - Normal, IL  on  08/12  at  06:48 AM

As in most things in AV, the system is only as good as the installer that put it in.  This is one of the cases that this is the most true in our industry.  I have seen Touch Panel / Screen remotes that look like a 1990’s web page, and I have seen some that are exactly what the customer wanted.  The integrator makes all the difference.

Posted by Hari Hara Kumar  on  09/12  at  10:45 AM

Yes ! There are a few ways this can be achieved
I would recommend this method…..(lo w cost model)
1.  A microcontroller circuit which control relays
2.  A computer which server as a server
3.  A touch phone with wifi connection
To start with try making this device which controls all the appliances connected to a single switch board. Once you can control relays connected to the circuit you will be able to control any appliance connected to it (on/off). If you want a regulator you will have to connect the regulator poles to a relay (i.e. to have five steps in case of a heater connect five relays to the regular of the heater).and control the relays using the microcontroller.
There are many microcontrollers which can be controlled by a computers serial port (ex atmel atmega). So in the server write a web application which sends required data to the required pin of the serial port. run this web application on local host. Connect the controller circuit to the computer. You can test the circuit from the computer browsing the local web application you just made.
Use the wifi on your touch phone and connect the server from your phones browser.
That’s it you will now be able to control the appliances connected wirelessly using infact any touch device which has a browser.
If you have a public IP at your home .you will also be able to host this website and control the the appliances from any ware in the world


Posted by janessa  on  10/23  at  12:54 AM

Remote is one which sends a signal.For instance your TV gets a d.c voltage hits the direct point with which TV is triggered and it functions. Basic is engineering colleges
Now you can not send the DC.Wherever you have your eqpt at home it should be activated.To activate it you must have a remote control through an FM transmitter .Which trigers your equipment at home, which triggers your others at home, PC.& others.The transmitter sends an FM wave coupled with a dc voltge.So this is the total design you should have for eqpt usage and control.

Posted by Westcojack  on  11/06  at  11:02 AM

There is a new iPhone app to control the Vantage Controls Infusion System coming out.

Using your iPhone/iTouch, you will be able to control your home lighting,  Jacuzzi, fireplace, sprinklers and window shades.  Whatever your Vantage Controls Infusion System can control, you will be able to operate from your iPhone/iTouch.

The application that can control the Vantage Infusion System directly without the use of a stand alone PC, has been submitted to APPLE, and is awaiting approval.

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