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Poll: Are You Watching World Cup in 3D?
June 11, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
With little fanfare on ESPN’s website to promote it, the World Cup and ESPN 3D are scheduled to kick off today with South Africa vs. Mexico.
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Posted by Doug  on  06/11  at  09:07 AM

What a terrible poll.  I guess it is designed to generate numbers that will be better for writing an article supporting 3D.  It’s like the old example, Do you still beat your children?

Count me in the group that doesn’t feel the need to watch any sports in 3D.

Posted by Victor Pavamani  on  06/11  at  10:02 AM

Not impressed. The version I am seeing appears to be a conversion of 2-D to 3-D rather than a pure 3-D presentation.  At least, this is what my brand new Samsung 3-D TV tells me.

Posted by Jw  on  06/11  at  10:07 AM

I have to agree with Doug, there needs to be “not at this time because I have to interest in 3D” or “I’m watching but not in 3D by choice” response.  3D tech is of no interest to me, I’ll likely only buy into it if we every reach the point where all display devices have it.

Posted by James  on  06/11  at  10:39 AM

“Count me in the group that doesn’t feel the need to watch any sports in 3D. “

Are yuo by chance the same group that doesnt need to see sports in HD too?

sd-hd is a smaller leap than hd to 3d hd…
Once you have seen a sportign event in 3d (ie. the Masters), normal 2D is just missing something…

Posted by Scion Racer  on  06/11  at  03:25 PM

I agree with Doug and Jw. The poll responses are biased toward 3D. A better (unbiased) option for # 2 would be:  “No - 3D does not interest me at this time” or “No - I’d rather watch World Cup in 2D.”

From the demos I have seen for soccer in 3D, they looked pretty good, but I had seen them on a Sony prototype. The experience would certainly be different if viewed on Panasonic’s latest plasma. Psonic’s rendition of 3D imaging is quite noticeably superior to both Samsung and Sony’s.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this poll confidently becuase I have yet to see the World Cup in 3D in my home environment.

Posted by Zed  on  06/11  at  03:49 PM

I find that the world cup this year is kinda a yawner…I feel no compelling reason to even know the current standings of whatever teams are still playing.

Posted by Bob Childress  on  06/12  at  10:19 AM

I just signed up for 3d on uverse this morning and watched some replay. Experience is best on near goal action and replays. The graphics are jarring as you focus onthe play and then graphic causes eye to refocus out. They need to figure out how to do that better.

Posted by rick  on  06/12  at  08:41 PM

Are you kidding me !!!  3d is the best the vies are totally crazy it the best picture I have ever seen and the depth is totally incredible.. you just simple can’t get any ‘more ‘real life than this..  This Sensio decoder has a big effect because I have seen other 3d broadcasts and this is the best picture I’ve seen.  Amazing!!

Posted by Doug  on  06/14  at  11:47 AM

Sorry, I’ve seen 3D on Samsung and Panasonic, Sports and Animation and I don’t think it is worth it.  I watch the Rangers-Isles game too.  It isn’t the same jump as SD->HD, I don’t think the comparison is proper.  I see a comparison frame interpolation to none as a better comparison.  I don’t like that stuff either.  The “greater reality” that both tout is a strange reality in my mind - not quite right.  3D might add an additional dimension but it doesn’t feel real to me.

Posted by DSC914  on  06/15  at  04:08 PM

I wish I was able to but Time Warner Cable SUCKS

Posted by Taylor  on  06/19  at  04:27 AM

I just bought myself the Panasonic VT-25, not for the 3D, but because my old HD Bravia is about seven years old. The 3D did seem pretty pretty cool and a nice add-on. Some people like 3D while others don’t. Regardless this function is standard on every brand’s flagship 2010 model. Samsung even includes it on their 7,8 and 9 series models. Now I think it’s pretty safe to say that it is going to become a standard on almost every manufactures’ models. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do not plan on sitting in my living room watching every program in 3D but it definitely is a fascinating feature. @ Victor Pavamani——The reason the cup looks terrible is because you enabled Samsungs ‘Gimmicky,’ 2D to 3-D conversion on a standard ESPN Channel. The quality of that feature is sub-par at best. I would call your cable provider and see if they offer ESPN3D in your area. They don’t in mine until August but I am in no rush buying all the 3D hardware/upgrades. I am simply enjoying my lovely HD Plasma.

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