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Plexidor Lets Dog In, Keeps Rest Out
Plexidor Electronic Door
July 24, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The Plexidor Electronic doggie door allows your pets to come and go as needed.
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Posted by GOL  on  07/28  at  06:12 AM

Kill the dog
Take its collar
enter the house

Posted by mcg  on  07/28  at  08:10 AM

We had a similar door for our house that used a magnet instead of an RFID tag. The guillotine action and the locking mechanism made it raccoon-proof. Traditional swinging doors, even with little tab locks, not so much.

Posted by rahlquist  on  07/28  at  10:48 AM

Why not make these doors key off the ID tags that are installed in the neck of most dogs nowdays?!?!

Posted by mcg  on  07/28  at  10:53 AM

Good idea, rahlquist!

And GOL: if you want to get into a house so bad that you’ll kill a dog, you’re gonna get in one way or another.

Posted by mcg  on  07/28  at  01:16 PM

Here’s the one I used:

It worked great, and it’s not that hard to service by hand if necessary. Plus it’s a small company so you can talk to the very guy who makes them.

Downsides: uses magnets instead of RFID, and it does take a bit of manual tweaking to dial in. But once you get it, it’s cool. Oh, and it does make a bit of noise opening and closing, so you don’t want it in your bedroom :) But I’m sure that’s true of this other door too.

Posted by Mike  on  07/28  at  10:54 PM

I assume it also works for cats (if they wear a collar)?

I have one that makes a big fuss whenever he wants to go out and then cries loudly when he wants to come back in. I’d like him to be able to go in & out without annoying everyone, but I want the other one to stay in, since he doesn’t wear a collar and gets lost when he gets out. I also don’t want to let strange cats in.

Posted by Mike  on  07/29  at  09:12 AM

My only concern is that our dog likes to just sit / lie down in front of the door.  Will the door stay open the whole time if he just lies down in front of it?

Posted by Richard  on  08/09  at  08:03 PM

This door is AWESOME.  I had one of the first ones and everybody who sees it thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  The RFID tag is really nice.

This door has only been on the market a couple of months so it definitely isn’t the one “BurtC” is worried about.

Posted by Richard  on  08/09  at  08:07 PM

Two other things:

1) The customer service was really good.  They even found an installer for me.

2) This thing is “green” friendly too as it saves $$$.  The power bills are MUCH less with this than flap doors if you live in a windy area.  - OK… saving money on power bills is eco friendly too, but I care more about how that saves me the other green. ;-)

Posted by Shauna  on  01/12  at  04:06 AM

The one that Burt C is worried about is the door made by High Tech Pet (the Power Pet Door).  We have one of these now and it is junk.  The collars are crap (I have even tried the more expensive RX-10 multi-function collars).  Cold temperatures also seem to affect how the Power Pet Door functions.  It is wonderful when it works but is a lot more hassle than it is worth (especially for the price).  I even bought mine online from Sams Club, which was a lot cheaper than the High Tech Pet web site.  We have 3 dogs that use this door, and to date I have spent $893.69.  I first purchased this Power Pet Door 6-24-08 and today’s date is 1-12-08.  No matter what you do DO NOT BUY FROM HIGH TECH PET!  I am currently researching to try to find a replacement that will hopefully work correctly.

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