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Paramount, DreamWorks Announce Final HD DVD Releases
February 29, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Paramount has just two more releases, while Dreamworks scraps two titles from the defunct high-def format.
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Posted by Peter Smith  on  02/29  at  11:00 AM

Yeah, so what I keep wondering now is, do I buy DVD versions of these movies (as well as Universal) or do I hold out for Blu-Ray versions. None of the 3 (Universal, Dreamworks, Paramount) have announced any Blu-Ray plans, have they? I suppose their exclusivity contracts may still be in force… after all, producing no HD DVD disks doesn’t break the contract, but producing Blu-Ray disks would…

I’m just wondering out loud..I don’t have any insider info or anything like that. I’m down here in the trenches watching Blu-Ray on my PS3. ;)

Posted by Deanster  on  02/29  at  11:11 AM

Peter, all three studios have said in statements that they would move forward and support Blu-ray from here on out. What they haven’t done is released their schedule for Blu-ray releases. Who knows when that will be….summer I would guess.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  02/29  at  11:33 AM

Thanks for the info, Deanster. Guess I can wait a few more months for a possible Blu-Ray version!

Posted by OVC  on  02/29  at  12:01 PM

So they are not as absent-minded as I thought.
Now, where’s Transformers BD.

Posted by Soundzilla  on  02/29  at  03:34 PM

I was done with buying DVD the day I bought a PS3. I’m holding out for Blu-rays of my collection to upgrade. Please, oh please give me the Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars trilogy, James Bond boxes, and Lawrence of Arabia on Blu-ray. :-)

Posted by Victor Simms  on  02/29  at  06:24 PM

Looks like they are trying to get people to buy the SD disks and then later anounce the BR version.

Unless as Peter Smith said that they would be breaking their contract by producing BR. Maybe this is Toshiba’s way of getting back at Blu or They are trying to hold out till Tosh makes their Blu player.

All speculation of course..

Posted by Hans J  on  03/01  at  08:45 AM

Well I guess the companies donĀ“t think they have any obligations to the HD DVD people who bought it, just to be fuc… in tha as. by the moviecompanies leaving the shipping ship like RATS.

Low low moral is all I can think of.

Posted by nicholc2  on  03/04  at  01:15 AM

Seems like a pretty stupid thing to do on their part considering that the number one selling high def movie right now is American Gangster which is HDDVD.  Why not go ahead and get sales from the HDDVD population that exists?  Apparently, they are still willing to buy for their format when there’s a movie worth buying.

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