Panasonic Announces an End to Plasma TVs
October 31, 2013 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
It’s true. Panasonic is really calling it quits on plasma this time.
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Posted by Dan Christians  on  10/14  at  10:35 AM

If plasma sales are being reflective on Miley Cyrus’ career, Panasonic ail probably want to wait until after it’s resurgence. They may have both been beat down in the past, however creative talent and marketing can resurrect the dead.

Posted by Bob lieto  on  10/14  at  11:06 AM

Plasma is the go to display for integrators in the know. The picture is the most natural. I will be very sorry to hear it go if that is true. I still have one Pioneer KURO we have kept during the onslaught of LCD and LED sets.

Posted by Pickles  on  11/01  at  12:04 PM

Such a shame. Quality loses out to quantify and profit margins… inevitable but I was hoping plasma could hang on and at least survive in the enthusiast market. Image quality vs. LED is not even worth debating. Plasma will be missed for sure.

Posted by Harry  on  11/02  at  05:41 AM

A real shame when accountants get involved,Really a good opportunity to check out projectors as an alternative.Prices are good and excitement factor right up there,it takes on a new level,hardly bother to watch TV now….even the news has become exiting and that something to be said.Give it a shot I did and what a surprise.

Posted by Mike  on  11/04  at  06:40 PM

“A real shame when accountants get involved”
“Quality loses out to quantify and profit margins”

This has nothing to do with accountants, it is all about the 97.5% of buyers that will choose LCD over Plasma even at the unbelievably low prices they are currently selling at.

Posted by Don C  on  11/13  at  12:36 PM

Good riddance! Plasma TVs are notorious for generating interference that spoils nearby AM radio reception, plus the things are energy hogs that consume a lot of electricity and give off heat, almost like having a small space heater attached to your wall year-round. The FCC should have forced manufacturers to clean those things up years ago, or else stopped allowing them to be imported into the country.

Posted by Grant Clauser  on  11/14  at  08:29 AM

AM radio? What’s that?

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