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Panasonic Aims for 3D TV Dominance
October 06, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Panasonic touts its leadership in the whole 3D TV chain from content production to TVs and sources; demos 50-inch 3D TV, production equipment, Avatar the movie
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Posted by Billy Bob  on  10/09  at  07:57 AM

What a waste of effort.  Who’s asking for 3d or even interested?  It’s a gimic that is only good for kids movies.  No one wants to wear glasses to watch tv.

Posted by John  on  10/09  at  09:01 AM

Apparently you have not watched boxing, football, a concert, or basically ANYTHING in 3D. I recommend if you have an opportunity to check out 3D in a good working demo you will be quite impressed. There was a lot of 3D demos at CEDIA this year and they were all equally impressive.

Posted by Lance  on  10/09  at  09:51 AM


Posted by Herb  on  10/09  at  04:01 PM

Speak for yourself, Billy Bob. I love 3D and have produced stereo slides for years. When 3D movies are done well, the third dimension adds immensely to the experience.

Posted by Niyati Bhatt  on  10/12  at  07:33 AM

what are the objectives of panasonis as a social responsibility.

Posted by Julie Jacobson  on  10/12  at  07:53 AM

Niyati—social responsibility is a huge focus of Panasonic. I have a story coming up on that.

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