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Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Players Support 3D DLP Displays
May 25, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Mitsubishi and Samsung ‘3D capable’ DLP owners can enjoy 3D Blu-ray without an adapter thanks to the Panasonic BDT300 and BDT350’s checkerboard output.
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Posted by Gabe  on  05/25  at  01:02 PM

What glasses would I need to get for the Mitsubishi 3D ready DLP TV?

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  05/25  at  01:16 PM

Either DLP Link glasses from XPand or Viewsonic, or VESA compliant IR Emitter glasses available on ebay (several brands).  For the latter, just search “3D DLP Glasses” but make sure your model is listed as compatible in the description.

Posted by Gabe  on  05/25  at  03:30 PM

Would the Nvidia 3d Vision Glasses work?

Posted by Stephen Hopkins  on  05/25  at  04:37 PM

I don’t think so.  The require an IR emitter normally connected to a PC by USB.  The emitters used for glasses compatible with DLP displays use the VESA Accessory port.

Posted by Ken3D  on  06/11  at  01:37 PM

Xpand x102 shutter glasses work well with Mitsubishi 3D ready DLP TV. No separate emitter required as it uses DLP link signal from the TV.—dlplink-stereoscopic-active-3d-gla1023.html

hope that helps.

Posted by Jebb  on  06/11  at  04:50 PM

It is helpful but really how many 3D blu-ray titles are released or will be released this year?  Also why not wait for the 3DC-1000 adapter to ensure that your dollars are spent wisely.  I will hold off unless all the material is compatible.

Posted by SDL  on  06/28  at  07:30 PM

Is #4 referring to the blu-ray player or the television?

Posted by SDL  on  06/28  at  07:37 PM

After further research, step #4 refers to the Mitsubishi DLP.  As I have a Samsung DLP, my steps also include using HDMI3 ONLY and changing the label on HDMI3 to “PC” on the Samsung.  This eliminates the ghosting.  Hopefully my BDT300 and SSG1000’s will be here soon.

Posted by Ken3D  on  06/28  at  09:56 PM

Just received my Panasonic BDT350. Xpand X102 Shutter glasses work great with the player and my Mitsubishi 3D DLP TV. I have tried Demo disc and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” 3D Blu-ray. Looks great.

No emitter just: DLP TV (turn 3D on in options and set to ‘reverse’, X102 glasses, 3D Blu-ray player set to “Checkerboard” under 3D format. Pop in 3D Blu-ray disc and break out the popcorn!

Posted by Foureight  on  07/02  at  10:37 PM

Panasonic 350 and Xpand x102 glasses works great.

Posted by Patrick-Cascegno  on  07/07  at  05:30 PM

Hey owners of the Samsung PN50B450 3D-HDTV made in 2009…I believe there is a way to watch blu-ray 3d discs using your pc. As is known, our hdtv’s 3d-feature will activate at a resolution of 1360X768 which is why stand alone 3d blu-ray players or Playstations won’t help us, but Cyberlink’s PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D software will play blu-ray 3d discs in checkerboard with the pc video resolution set to 1360X768. Problem solved!

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