Oppo Shares Details on BDP-83 Universal Blu-ray
oppo bdp-83
December 11, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Oppo has sent a letter updating details on its forthcoming BDP-83 Blu-ray player release, such as its $499 to $599 price tag, and universality that includes SACD and DVD-A support.
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Posted by Russ  on  12/11  at  03:04 PM

I’ve got no problem with the price point. but I’m expecting to see Netflix integration and hopefully network media streaming. (Divx/XVID/MP4 etc.)

Posted by Ferdi  on  12/11  at  03:26 PM

The price is wrong.

If or when the price is corrected this unit is IMO definitely worth a serious look. Not until then though. It’s a shame. Hopefully their second BR player will be realistically priced.

Posted by CaW  on  12/11  at  03:32 PM

While I am a fan of Oppo products, I just can’t justify a price of up to $600 unless a user needs a single transport for SACD and DVD-A both of which are near dead.

I am still using their original 971, but I recently ordered a Panny BD35 to replace it.  I no longer rely on DVD as my primary source and no matter how good the upconverting is (even in the 983) is going to approach true HD quality.  I should know, I have a 1080p projector paired with a 100-in. screen.

I don’t need SACD or DVD-A.  Thanks Oppo but at that price ($500-$600) the BD35 ($225 w/ 4 BDs)will work just fine for me.

Posted by revko1  on  12/11  at  04:32 PM

Got an email yesterday from Oppo, while I wont be signing up for a beta tester I commend Oppo as a company for doing and giving those chosen few a chance to get their techies paws of this player, which sounds phenomenal.
The target price point is right IMO!


Posted by steveo  on  12/11  at  05:27 PM

Let’s see….my Panny 35 for about $200, my Oppo 980 for $170….missing the better upscaling, have to hassle with another power cord and HDMI…and the price may come down off list. About $450 sounds like a very good price to me.

SACD may be dying, but many people have media and want it. So maybe not for you….don’t buy it. I don’t think Oppo is going to loose on this.

Posted by Charles  on  12/11  at  06:46 PM

How do you become a beta tester

Posted by steveo  on  12/11  at  07:07 PM

Send a mail to:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

with this in the subject:  Early Adoption Program Participation Request

It is not a beta program, it is an Early adopter one. The hardware is set, just not all the firmware - though it seems that what is turned on now, is very mature.  See the thread on this in the Blu-Ray player area.

Posted by Mark C  on  12/11  at  08:01 PM

$399 should be the price. As BD is becoming more popular, equipment priced above $399 will be passed over even if it’s an OPPO.

Posted by monomer  on  12/11  at  08:19 PM

Though I have a lot of respect for Oppo and their products (I own a 980 and love it), unfortunately their products are becoming a bit too rich for my humble theater.  I remember just before the 983 came out, the price range under consideration was reported to be between $300-$400 and it was said (on AVS) that a marketing study suggested the market would pay $400 and so the price was set as such… and Oppo doesn’t appear to reduce pricing once it is set.  It was just too much money for me to justify for a DVD upconversion player.  Now the price range for their BD player projected to be between $500-$600 at a time when most BD players are going sub-$300 and many descent players are approaching $200 and the economy is taking a nose-dive… looks like history is going to repeat itself as I just can’t justify paying their high asking price for a BD player.  I’m sure they will sell a good many of these units but unfortunately I won’t have the honor of experiencing one of these units in my theater, as I can better use that money else where.  Appears Oppo has moved up-scale permenantly…  Sigh…

Posted by Leffe  on  12/12  at  08:18 PM

I just wish it will be Region Free for both DVD’s and Blu-rays.
Maybe too much to hope for though….

Posted by michael winburn  on  12/13  at  09:48 AM

I’ll dive in only if it comes from the factory with 7.1 audio outs, and ALREADY decodes DTS HD MA (enough of this silly - firmware release due out - nonsense).
They’ll have to fix that 80hz cross-over to variable crossover for me.
Yep, region defeat in submenu necessary.
Heck, why don’t they add in HD-DVD processing as well…wouldn’t hurt.

With all the features listed about, I’d pay $2k max based on the quality of the 983h - a solid homerun.

Until then, I’ll just hold onto the 983 and the bdup5000 and wait for some company to put out a real homerun, and stop wasting our time and money with cheap “in between” products.

Posted by dmcdayton  on  12/15  at  07:28 AM

Great thing about Oppo is they actually listen and address customer concerns in their firmware, so “the community” has a voice in its development to a certain extent. Thats why I like to buy their products. Plus its fun participating. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of an undocumented region free hack floating around for DVDs once released…don’t know about BD..maybe thats not a winkwinknodnod area.

Posted by Todd A  on  12/19  at  09:27 AM

This might be exactly what I am looking for. I already have a PS3 for BD, upconverting DVDs and SACD, but I really want to get into DVD-A. I wouldn’t mind $400-$500, but any more than that is getting up there.

Posted by RLW  on  12/19  at  01:29 PM

Monomer, you’re not making a fair price comparison - those sub-$300 BluRay player do not handle SACD, DVD-Audio, and HDCD.  The only competitor against the new Oppo is the new Denon, and it costs $3,800.  This makes Oppo’s projected price of $499-599 an absoluite bargain.

I already have an Oppo 981 and a 983 and I can tell you, for sure, that I will be purchasing their new Bluray universal when it is released.  Nobody does it better than Oppo!!


Posted by monomer  on  12/19  at  01:47 PM

RLW… remember I also have a 980 ($160) which already does SACD and DVD-A… and I suspect anyone who already has any SACDs or DVD-As already has a player solution so this new Oppo will only be adding redundancy in this aspect.  So an Oppo 980 PLUS anyone of a number of BD players now on the market will $400 or less… and that will only get cheaper as time passes.  So, how much is it worth to have it all in one box?  That’s a choice each individual will have to decide inlight of their own personal finances weighed against other needs.

Posted by robertS  on  01/02  at  12:04 PM

SACD,  DVDAudio…. these two formats will be dead as soon as the mass population has bluray players and BD Audio takes hold.  It is just a matter of time before profile 3 is BD Audio…  So it absolutely does not make sense to go the extra mile for SACD or DVD A ...  These two formats are going to die and sooner than you think.  Should have scrapped those two formats and just went for the best quality transport for Bluray and DVD. 
I’ll spend the money on a DVDO EDge that will have more capabilities than the player.  The processor to handle the codecs for Audio and a projector or tv that can handle 24fps.  Really spending 700 on a player because it has SACD and DVD A makes no sense and is a waste of money.

Posted by RLW  on  01/02  at  01:16 PM

Once again, if anyone can show me another player that has all the capabilities of the upcoming Oppo, and do it for less money, I’m all ears.

The $599 asking price of the new Oppo is a stone-cold bargain considering its capabilities.  The only other player on the market that matches its capabilities is the new Denon for $3800.  For the price of the Denon you could actually put together a pretty good *complete* 5.1 system (incl. sources, amps, speakers, the whole enchilada).

Oppo has a winner on their hands and I think they know it…


Posted by Brian R  on  01/02  at  05:25 PM

I have always been a fan of Oppo. But I wish they would look into adopting a standard SD (/w microSD adapter) slot (not just usb) for HD audio/video playback . 

I fear music (no matter what format) will move away from disc era soon and move on to adopt solid state (microSD(HD),ect.) ‘slotMusic’ for one (man I hope that name doesn’t become standard, cheeeseeey) I would like to see Oppo be the first consumer electronic company to adopt the platform allowing users to see liner notes, album art, videos, and other creative content that an artist may have on the t.v.

Although it’s nice to see them keep time (phased-out /phasing out formats) in a AIO box. I own a Oppo 980 and love it .

Posted by VP  on  01/16  at  01:45 PM

New Oppo player is as much a competitor for the new Denon as a Hyundai is a competitor for Ferrari or BMW. Both drive and perform similar functions. If you think they are comparable, go for Oppo.
I am not sure about video, but the differences in audio between oppo and denon will be day and night. Yes, you have to pay a lot more for Denon and if you don’t hear the differences between the two (I would suggest comparing existing oppo models and denon 5910), then you should definitely go for the new oppo,

Posted by WP  on  01/23  at  12:49 PM

I’m the only audiophile I know who appreciates surround SACD. I own almost every title available in the format featuring music I even remotely enjoy. I also have a pretty good system completely dialied in for surround music playback and having a single player that will output 5.1 analog signals is a must. I’m simply not willing to replace my very expensive processor with one that will accomodate HDMI at this juncture. Thus, the upcoming OPPO seems just the ticket. The Denon is probably a fine piece of equipment, but they are awfully proud of it given its price. And in this economy it’s just not realistic.

I looked at the Sony BDP S550 and almost bought it, but when I learned that the new Oppo is coming, I decided to wait. Sony helped develop a great format with SACD, but they dropped it like a hot rock when it didn’t catch on immediately.

Good things come to those who wait. I’m waiting for the new Oppo.  WP

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