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NYC High-Rise Eyes 18-Source Video Wall
May 03, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Manhattan apartment brings video aesthetics to all new level.
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Posted by s g g  on  05/08  at  09:25 PM

whats the point of these multiscreen setups? i find it stupid. its not like you can watch more than 1 movie or tv show at the same time.
home of the year. heh. no.

Posted by mak99  on  05/11  at  12:43 AM

“Sony BDPS350 Blu-Ray HD DVD Player” - HUH???  I thought HD DVD was dead!  :)

Posted by Steve Crowe  on  05/11  at  08:28 AM

@mak99, thanks for the find.

Posted by BP  on  05/12  at  05:44 PM

What is with the out of date rotel processors, very poor choice.

Posted by TheGovernor11  on  05/21  at  01:11 AM

What’s the point of multi-screen setups?  Seems like you answered that question yourself.  Why can’t you watch more than one movie or TV show?  Just because you don’t doesn’t mean no one does.

Posted by Neil B. Forme  on  06/02  at  03:58 PM

Very nice custom setup. I cannot help to comment on those commenting on this setup. It is custom built for the client. You should be as lucky to find such a tech savy client with money to spend on the best.

I am wondering how you keep the TPMC-8X wireless connected in that enviroment?

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