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New Indiana Jones DVDs Not on Blu-ray
March 03, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The three existing movies are getting the not-so-“special” treatment.
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Posted by Soundzilla  on  03/03  at  03:52 PM

How lame. I’m done buying DVDs. I don’t want to invest in these films a FOURTH time unless it’s high-definition. I’ve already had the VHS (S-VHS on Indy III), Laserdisc, and DVD.

Posted by Sky  on  03/04  at  05:57 AM

“Before the new installment of Indiana Jones rides into your town (on a wheelchair perhaps?)...”

That’s SO UNfunny, so terribly used as a bad “joke”, I am ashamed.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  03/04  at  09:35 AM

Would a walker have been funnier?

Seriously, I knew the joke was lame. I just think no matter how good the new movie will be, it’s still a minimum of 10 years late!

Posted by mac  on  03/04  at  10:31 AM

Ashamed? Wow. That’s quite a response.

Posted by ws  on  03/05  at  09:21 AM

Geez… this would have been one of my reasons to dive into the Blu…
...the waiting continues…

Posted by Robert  on  05/14  at  08:54 AM

I agree with Soundzilla… I will wait it out until Blu-Ray.  I bought a blu ray player in the hopes that all new great things will come out in that format, but am noticing that they are coming painfully slow!

Posted by Steve Harbor  on  05/14  at  09:26 AM

Yeah I’ll wait for Blu too.

Honestly, I think people are remembering the old movies as being better than they were. The first one was great, I’ll grant you, but I recall #2 being just ok and #3 being pretty cheesy. Maybe I’m just bitter.

On the other hand, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid came out on blu-ray this week. Now there’s a classic… I might also get Chronicles of Narnia, although I have to confess I bought the DVD release and its still in shrinkwrap. One of those movies I *want* to like, but really I don’t all that much.

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