Netflix Increases Blu-ray Surcharge
netflix bluray charge
March 30, 2009 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Movie rental giant Netflix has boosted its Blu-ray inventory, and also its Blu-ray add-on pricing across the board.
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Posted by Susan Bitterman  on  03/30  at  03:39 PM

It’s the second price hike for Blu-Ray in less than 6 months. It’s a price gouging switch and bait and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Did you happen to notice their stock jumped 5% in the few hours after the price hike announcement went out?

I’m sick of these automatic price hikes for loyal customers and am subsequently canceling my Netflix service. I won’t stand for that kind of treatment.

Posted by AJ  on  03/30  at  04:06 PM

I like Netflix for all the content we can stream to my Xbox so I’m not likely to cancel. However, I will likely drop from 2 out to 1 at a time however. This is a BS move.

Posted by Brian Huemofner  on  03/30  at  06:53 PM

I just signed up for an account on Saturday, and got an email today announcing the price hike. What a way to welcome a new customer!

Posted by Ben Dover  on  03/31  at  09:26 AM

I think it is easy to see through their reasoning/justification.  They indicate that it cost more to buy a Blu-ray disc, however, what they don’t indicate is that they will not be buying as many because the Blu-ray discs do not wear out like the standard DVDs.  Therefore, their replacement costs for Blu-rays are much cheaper and total cost will likely be cheaper.

This is bogus and I am seriously considering reducing my plan from 3 unlimited to 1 or 2 (just to keep the instant access via Xbox) and picking BlockBuster back up with their convenient Total Access.

Posted by Ryan  on  03/31  at  10:55 AM

Although I don’t agree with “Bitterman” who canceled his account, but I do wonder if Netflix has reached a point where the newness of it all has worn off and they feel they can start ratcheting up their prices? Although I did not cancel my acct, I did choose to cancel my BluRay option.

Posted by Larry Davis  on  03/31  at  11:06 AM

Anytime a company hikes prices to the tune of 20% it is not a justified increase. Netflix is banking on the economy that has pushed its membership up 5% recently. I for one will adjust my account down from 3 at a time to 1 or 2 OR I might just let Bockbuster have my money.

Posted by nathan  on  03/31  at  11:46 AM

I’m actually fine with paying a few more dollars a month if it means the movies I want on Blu-ray are actually in stock on Blu-ray.

Posted by britinva  on  03/31  at  12:24 PM

Like Nathan if the availability improves then I’m OK with paying a premium but If I keep seeing waits on Blu-ray release then I’ll likely suspend my account and try out Blockbuster.

Posted by Jane  on  03/31  at  12:40 PM

I downsized from 2 to 1 dis per month.  I’m also considering leaving Netflix.  This is nothing but a company who has greed as its priority.  I mean raise an extra $.50 or a $1.00 at the most, but $3.00?????  no way….  Next they will be asking for a government bail out.  Some companies just don’t have good buisness sense.

Posted by wd  on  03/31  at  01:39 PM

I’m seriously considering jumping ship to blockbuster now.  The reasoning behind the hike just doesn’t hold water.

Posted by DooLocsta  on  03/31  at  01:47 PM

As soon as I got the email I called and cancelled the Blu-Ray service letting the guy know on the phone that it was not worth the hike.  When you look at new releases on DVD and Blu-Ray they are close to the same if not the same cost.  I let them know I could see it may be worth it if we were getting the 2 disc special editions but we are not so no thanks.  This is a jackass-company move if you ask me.  I was ok with $1 but $4 total no thanks.

Posted by Doug  on  04/01  at  08:15 AM

It’s still cheeper than my local Family Video. I can get 4 maybe 5 Blu-Rays for the cost of 2 to 3 from my local option.

Posted by Rick  on  04/02  at  05:04 PM

Bad idea Netflix, and time will definitely prove this. I for one will be canceling on principal alone. Enough with the greed over service.

Posted by Michael  on  04/06  at  12:32 AM

I just canceled my membership based on principal alone.  Blu-Ray ultimately will cost netflix less in the long run and I am not about to pay a 20% premium on my 3 disc membership.  Going to try Blockbuster since i can exchange right down the street, but their disc availability seems bad for the movies I want.  I think a lot of people are going to jump ship over this and I expect BB;s waits to get worse, not better.

Posted by Rick  on  04/15  at  12:36 PM

Netflix BluRay all you can eat is still a bargain compared to other HD services (i.e. on demand VUDU, Apple TV, DirecTV).  Also, BluRay provides the best quality.  People who say they are refusing to watch BluRay because of the higher cost are just silly or they could care less about quality, or they are watching all their video content on a 42 inch or smaller screen, or all of the above.

If you have invested in a projection system or large HD format TV - then Netflix BluRay rental service is the best value out their to take advantage of your investment.

All of those people out there who are downgrading the quality of your video sources - please keep it to yourself.  I would hate to see video offering go backwards in quality (ala the IPOD) because people do not simply appreciate quality.

Posted by RICK  on  04/24  at  05:40 PM

Netflix’s new surcharge for Blu-Ray prompted me the cancel my subscription. I will try “Blockbuster” on line rentals.
I do not understand the motivation for the price hike, based on the current economic situation. Only time will tel, l maybe they hired a Wall Street Consultant, the same one that the banks use!

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