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Netflix and Microsoft: A Perfect Marriage ­or Mistake in the Making?
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March 22, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Will Netflix customers soon be able to download movies via their Xbox?
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Posted by dangerdavedsp  on  03/22  at  01:13 PM

I would love it if they actually did this

Posted by Dave  on  03/23  at  10:32 AM

If this happens I’ll be the FIRST one to sign up.

Posted by Jon  on  03/23  at  01:17 PM

First. let me say that I own an Xbox 360 and think it is a very good GAME console. But, to say that the Xbox 360 is a success is stretching it! The Xbox shipped 7.3 million consoles during 2007. While at first this seems good it is actually a 33.6% DROP in shipments from 2006. Meaning that the Xbox 360’s sales are actually slowing while a successful platform would have increasing sales. Plus, the Xbox 360 has just recently been making money for Microsoft but is far cry away from replacing the billions, thats billion with a B, that Microsoft has lost on the Xbox 360. But most importantly, the 360 is a game console first and everything else second. There is a tremendous amount of computational power inside the 360, way more then is needed to play movies. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off this extra power meaning that all the heat that the 360 generates will be generated during the play back of movies. To dissipate this heat the fans will need to be running which makes the unit very loud. During game play with thumping sound tracks and explosions this noise cannot be heard. But, during quiet scenes in a film this would drive me crazy!!! I will stick to physical media for now or get an Apple TV if a want to rent movies over the internet.

Posted by GotThe Survey  on  03/23  at  01:56 PM

I took the survey in question.

It’s important to note that the survey also asked if you would use the survey with your Sony Playstation 3, too.

There was no mention of Microsoft that wasn’t immediately followed by a question about Sony, or vice versa.

Posted by Wii Power  on  03/24  at  06:35 AM

The Wii has enough power, is the number one selling game console, is quiet, supports the Opera web browser, need I say more?

Posted by pete  on  03/24  at  08:53 AM

It would put an absolute hurting on movie theaters as well as sonys argument that they have Blu Ray.  I already download movies through 360 just wish there was a lot more.  If it comes out on the PS3 I would be equally as happy.  As long as I get movies easily in HD format that are reasonable.

Wii Power your joking about the Wii right?  I bought one the first day it came out I than returned it.  No HD cables.. a necessity especially for people browsing this site.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  03/24  at  08:53 AM

I wonder if they left out the Wii because it doesn’t natively act as a media extender. (My brain is having a Monday morning seize up trying to produce the proper acronym.. ddna? Nope…).

I can’t imagine any other reason they’d consider targeting the PS3 and 360 but not the Wii.

Posted by Peter Smith  on  03/24  at  09:49 AM

“Wii Power your joking about the Wii right?  I bought one the first day it came out I than returned it.  No HD cables..”

The “Watch Now” content from Netflix is standard def, as far as I understand it. So the Wii could handle it.

Posted by pete  on  03/24  at  10:24 AM

@ Peter Smith
The “Watch Now” content from Netflix is standard def, as far as I understand it. So the Wii could handle it.

Agreed. The PS3 can aswell but in that scenario neither would be an option that most people would like to use it for.  This article is referencing a partnership where you can download the movies pretty much like you do now with the 360 so you can get HD quality.  This would either be a software update or a Netflix disc you run that would offer a user friendly system that allowed for a rental type feel where you have it for a few days can stop and start it rather than opening up a webpage and watching a streaming video.  The download setup would allow the systems to display the video and sound the way they were made to be displayed.

Posted by AJ  on  03/24  at  10:38 AM

@ Wii Power. Nintendo isn’t trying to market the Wii as anything more than a game console. It doesn’t even play DVD’s. Something like Netflix wouldn’t fit into the mold Nintendo is trying to create for the Wii brand. It may have the “power” sure, but it isn’t trying to be your media hub like the 360 or PS3.

Posted by skolvikes  on  03/24  at  11:15 AM

I have a 360 and PS-3 and would absolutely sign up if movies were delivered in HD for a decent price.

Posted by Vern Reeder  on  03/24  at  06:12 PM

I had a survey from Netflix about 4-6 weeks ago asking the same question about the PS3.  It asked “If for $3 you could order a disk that would load software on the PS3 to allow streaming of hi-def movies and TV shows, would you buy it?”  So I’m not sure it is a Netflix/Microsoft deal so much as Netflix finding a way into downloads (in this case HD).

Posted by Dahlsim  on  03/25  at  12:49 AM

Microsoft wants in on home entertainment without making an investment in content? 

Just as with hd dvd, destined to fail as Sony and the rest of Hollywood control the content.

Posted by mrh  on  04/03  at  12:09 PM

um… can you say Apple TV?

all studios, instant download method… it’s here today, people.

all they need is the long rumoured iTunes monthly access fee instead of per use.

HD and SD content, TV shows, music videos… and the library is growing very rapidly.

Posted by pete  on  04/03  at  12:25 PM

Apple TV?  They fell short of their projected movie content which if they had fullfilled would be a fraction of what netflix has.

Posted by TCP  on  07/15  at  07:39 PM

The IPTV leader, clearly, is Vudu… relative to Apple TV, Vudu has better hardware and distribution architecture, and content agreements with most of the major studios because of their content security.  Apple is impeded in getting broad studio buyin because of Job’s ties with Pixar and Disney.  Apple has some 1500 titles vs Vudu’s 7000 titiles (this in spite of the fact that Apple counts each TV Series episode as one title while Vudo counts a TV series as one title).  Apple HD is 720p while Vudu’s is 1080p.

Whether Microsoft and Netflix can gain the confidence of the studios that their distribution is secure remains undetermined.  The ballgame here is content.

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