My Journey to Cut the Cable Cord
November 01, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Now that I have Netflix and Hulu Plus, I’m closer to cutting the cable cord, but there are still some content gaps and a problem with live news and sports.
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Posted by DK Jones  on  11/01  at  10:40 PM

I have a 17” Intel iMac connected to my main entertainment system and I use Hulu, Hulu +, for CBS shows, the OTA & cable network sites for some stuff, I watch local & national news OTA and I use Surf The Channel & sometimes I also ripped all my CDs, some fave DVDs onto an external HDD for playback and streaming from iTunes over my wi-fi network. I gave up a great cable package a couple of years ago ‘cause it was too expensive. Sorry, I have no clue about sports, as the only thing I watch is the Super Bowl. Right now I wouldn’t consider Google TV as Hulu is blocking it—maybe if GTV gets the service it could be a good thing.

Posted by Rick  on  11/02  at  09:34 AM is the best for Sports

Posted by Bob  on  11/02  at  01:12 PM

Our local cable company (Insight) has introduced mini-boxes.  So now you must have some sort of box on every TV that is to receive cable, and it is really hacking off lots of customers.  Anyway, we were just discussing this issue today with Apple screwing up AppleTV, and the constant emergence of the latest greatest streaming box and/or service.  The way I see it, since both the phone and cable companies now offer phone, TV, and internet.  If they start losing customers in one area they’ll just hike their rates in the others, so they’re gonna get us one way or another.  Most programs can be viewed from one streaming source or another, but sports is the gotcha.  OTA gets the networks, and ESPN360 will take care of some games.  If those two don’t cover your team then head to your local sports bar and put some money back into the economy.

Posted by clancyHOME  on  11/02  at  02:09 PM

i’m going to follow intently as I would like to do the same thing…

Posted by acolnahuacatl  on  11/02  at  02:09 PM

I recently started using Miro; downloaded the application which saves programs to my computer. Later, I can watch any of the programs from my local computer. So far I am really happy with Miro. I also have the Netflix subscription which provides my movies. I haven’t used Hulu Plus.
Advantages of Miro:
Programs are saved in my computer rather than being streamed; this provides better video quality.
Miro allowed me to select the content I want and then looks for updated content. For news, I included them in my list to download, I watch them when I get home or early in the morning.
Disadvantages of Miro:
Some of the network channel series are not included and must be streamed; Miro provides a bridge to Hulu and uses Hulu to stream.
Computer must be on to downloaded video.
It doesn’t separate channels between what members of the family wants/likes. It would be nice if Miro would provide a setting that allows separate viewing for my wife and me.

Posted by mark  on  11/02  at  02:43 PM

I cut the cord when I moved a few months ago

Have windows media center running on Mac Mini (bootcamp) with a silicon dust HoneRunHD (adding a second one some). This allows two shows to be watched/recorded (on any WMC PC in house) via HomeRun tuners and one by each TV’s built in tuner. So if two us are watching different TV’s (living room and bedroom) we can watch 2 shows and record two.

For TNT, Brave, etc. shows I rent or buy with AppleTV (99c or $2.99) - only buy the ones I can’t rent. This is all in HD - can’t stand watching SD. You can also get a bunch of the shows for free on iPad/Computer (which I use when travelling).

There’s a bit of upfront investment, but my WMC does so much more than TV (and was original reason to buy: ripped all my DVD’s and blu-rays and stream to WMC)

Not a sports fan at all. That said surprised you can get HD NFL for free OTA

So I pay about $5 to $30 a month for content depending on time of year.

Posted by Bug Killer  on  11/02  at  10:17 PM

If you have cable, you are an idiot.  Most channels are unwatchable because they put their logos on the screen all the time, AND they show TONS of commercials which they’re being paid to show and you’re paying to watch!  I don’t watch broadcast TV either, but at least you don’t have to pay for that (it isn’t worth the cost of electricity to run the TV though.)

Posted by Mark  on  12/07  at  04:51 PM

Hi Stefani

I have an HDMI connection from the PC (Mac Mini running windows) to the TV.

I have an Digital antenna and a SiliconDust HomeRunHD tuner. This has two tuners that you connect your antenna (use a splitter to split the coax into two) and to the network.. This essentially behaves as a pool of tuners. When a Windows medai cneter “tunes” to a channel to watch or record a program, it grabs one of the tuners.

You can add additional HomeRunHD’s if you need more than two tuners.

I get all major networks. Anything I want to watch on Bravo or TNT (one or two shows), I rent or buy on AppleTv ($99c to rent, $2.99 to buy, if not available for rent).



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