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Monster Offering Lower-Cost HDMI Cables
March 10, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The MC 500 HD allows entry-level users to have HDMI at an affordable price.
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Posted by Tom  on  03/10  at  06:48 PM

I highly doubt that any or most the readers of this site actually buy monster cable products - especially there HDMI cables.

Most videophile/audiophiles are aware of companies that manufacture high quality cables and extremely affordable prices.

Why pay $50 for monster HDMI when i can get Blue-jeans cables HDMI for $22 for the same length. Did i mention that most of the companies can customize length down to the foot.

I made the mistake in the past of spending hundreds of dollars on monster cable and i learned my lesson.

Posted by OVC  on  03/11  at  01:30 PM

So… $50 for a cable is “affrodable”

LOL @ Monster Cable

Posted by Bigbrain28  on  03/11  at  04:11 PM

Um… I have a box full of HDMI cables I bought for about $6 a piece from monoprice, and from what I’ve read on this here interweb ALL HDMI cables are made in China. Unless I plan to run a cable, say THREE MILES I really don’t see how I would benefit from spending 7 times more for Monster brand…

Posted by James  on  03/11  at  07:55 PM

Not all cable connectors are the same. The better cable connector is sure to have better contacting. I work for OPPO and often use a HDMI analyzer to test HDMI cables, even Monoprice asked us to help to test their cables before. I found that there is no difference for short cable; however for long cables the quality varies (dropping bit). If you need to use 25ft or longer cable, you’d better to use high quality cable.

Posted by great marketing  on  03/11  at  08:48 PM

nothing a set of componet cables can’t fix

Posted by Ecuadorian  on  04/15  at  09:42 PM

Any videophile knows the real meaning of his words:

“We now offer exactly the same cable at different price points with different names for virtually every sucker, be him poor or rich, from the MC 500 HD for people who simply want to enjoy the bragging rights of having a Monster cable to MC1000HD for those obsessive-compulsive who want 100 percent assurance that every 1 and 0 is still a 1 or 0 at the other end of the cable and want to make sure that when 2160p video arrives, they’ll also be able to enjoy the optimum performance from all in the future pipeline as well”

Posted by Pomonabill220  on  04/16  at  05:54 PM

I have used many cables from Monoprice…. HDMI 25ft, vga 25ft, RGB 25 ft. autid from 3 ft to 50.
Their cables are well made with the ferrit beads for HF filtering and noise.  I also am impressed witht he quality of the connectors, jacketing, overall construction of their cables.
I bet NOONE can beat their price/quality.
Monster is VERY over priced…. LOVES the suckers that have more money than sense and pay too much for about the same thing that Monoprice charges for their equipment.
What a joke!!!!!

Posted by rlw  on  04/16  at  06:16 PM

I just read an HDMI cable shoot-out conducted at Monster Cable headquarters.  It was published by Audioholiocs.  Long story, short: the MonoPrice cables flat-out matched the very expensive Monster cable bit for bit.  The Monster cable was approx. $200, the MonoPrice cable was about $30.

Only a fool would buy the Monster cable knowing this…

One other thing, Monster is trying to bullly Blue Jeans Cable claiming they’ve infringed on some Monster proprietary technology.  The owner of BJC is an ex-trial trail lawyer and he isn’t caving in.  He has called their bluff, look it up on Audioholocs or Google, VERY interesting subject…

Rock on BJC!!


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