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Monster Announces Wireless HD Kit
Monster Wireless Digital Express HD
June 13, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The cable manufacturer is teaming with Sigma Designs to take cables out of the HD equation.
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Posted by toddious  on  06/13  at  09:54 AM

This is great news. I work for a custom AV company, and there are certain applications where running High Definition wiring is not possible (condos, etc). PureAV used to make a device like this, but it was discontinued. $300 is reasonable for a device like this, hopefully it is high quality and reliable.

Posted by Ryan  on  06/13  at  10:41 PM

Only 300 bucks? thats the cost of one of the bs HDMI cables, i guess its a decent deal then

Posted by devon  on  06/15  at  12:31 PM

awesome! i can’t wait to see some actual installed performance reports.  just to see if it holds up. ive had some bad experiences with the last few monster producst ive owned. either way its a step forward.

Posted by Toddious  on  06/19  at  06:59 AM

latest reports say this does not pass hdmi audio and is now expected to cost closer to $600. My level of excitement is dwindling.

Posted by confused  on  06/19  at  08:53 AM

if it doesn’t pass audio, then that would mean you’d have to run a wire for the audio signal, right? kinda defeats the purpose.

Posted by joemama127  on  06/19  at  01:26 PM

Great concept..but indeed limited if the no-audio part turns out to be true.

On the other hand for me it doesn’t make any difference since my religion (church of common sense) forbids me from purchasing anything with “Monster” in the name.

Posted by toddious  on  06/19  at  01:50 PM

I think it passes audio separately from the hdmi, and iwant to say its fiber optic digital (which most TVs won’t accept)

Posted by Jeff W  on  06/21  at  12:20 PM

I believe the cost is $300 for transmitter and $300 for receiver.

Posted by Jeff W  on  06/21  at  12:26 PM

It has to pass audio - that’s part of the HDMI signal.  However, it does use compression (JPEG 2000, i think) so on a 1080p picture your results may vary.


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