Mitsubishi Launches Laser-based DLP HDTVs
Mitsubishi Launches Laser
June 25, 2008 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Mitsubishi claims the LaserVue delivers twice the color while using only half the power of most TVs.
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Posted by T.N.  on  06/25  at  11:09 AM

Cool—now, bring on the laser front-projectors!

Posted by FiguredMaple  on  06/25  at  06:40 PM

I’m still waiting for the prices to be announced!

Posted by Mike  on  06/25  at  07:19 PM

Great. Capable of displaying twice the color, but is any source available which can use twice the color?

Posted by Paul  on  06/25  at  09:02 PM

I’m with FiguredMaple. Sounds great, but let us see what the prices are.

Posted by Steven  on  06/25  at  09:45 PM

Mike, ‘d imagine that current Blu ray players HDTV and the like will be already putting out more colour than current displays can manage and they just show what they can manage. I may be wrong but I think there will be a difference to see Today!

Posted by facesnorth  on  06/26  at  12:24 AM

This was announced at CES in January.  What’s new?

Posted by Steven  on  06/26  at  09:00 AM

What’s new? what do you mean? it is now announced for release in the 3rd quarter of the year. CES just showed off a test mule as a proof on concept. have some RESPECT it has Freakin’ lasers! like the sharks in that austin powers movie!

Posted by Charles  on  06/26  at  11:22 AM

DLP without lamps and RBE sounds good, but x.v. Color?  I’ve heard of it, but is this even a standard that anyone can really use?  Why not include DCI P3 color gamut instead along with SMPTE-C and ITU-709 colors?

Posted by jakesdad  on  06/26  at  03:54 PM

I gotta 2nd TN on this - why no FP?  is this a technical limitation or a marketing decision?  if it’s the later I’d like to go on record to Mitsubishi that my next display will be a lampless FP DLP so if this can be FP’d and produce a better image than LED I WANT IT but not at the expense of screen size.  sorry but eveh 73” don’t cut it these days…

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