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Mitsubishi Develops 3D Blu-ray Adapter for TVs
January 08, 2010 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
3DC-1000 corrects company’s incompatibility issues with 3D Blu-ray spec.
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Posted by EdL  on  01/12  at  05:51 PM

When will people learn.  This is the same ploy Mits used when they came out with the now famous ,“Promise”.  You remember the, “Promise”, we guarantee HD compatibility.  Only you forgot to tell us it would cost $800!  The set cost $2,400.

I will never forget and I hope it never happens to you.

Posted by Ariel  on  01/13  at  11:51 AM

That’s right. What promise!!!! It was a sales pitch thats all they said the tv would not become obsolete because they would have adapters or devices to be up to date with the technology. Well then comes HDMI and did Mitsubishi come up with a devide to support HDMI ...NO!!!!  My set was a 2001 model. WS55809.

Posted by poed  on  01/18  at  08:29 PM

Ok… so your telling me that one of the LONGEST selling 3d tv manufacturers can not play 3d blu rays?

Does this not sound like someone paid off BDA to take their “3d” ideas? Seriously, you have a 3d tv that has been selling for YEARS, already has a base for 3d blu ray to grow from and also allows for full 1080p 60fps per eye. and BDA say “Nah, lets make people buy brand new TV’s (which we already did for the HDTV upgrade) so they can use a technology that can work off of older TV’s”. This is BS! I just bought a 65” Mitsubishi and now I am probably going to need to get another TV, or and adapter that cost God knows how much. Thanks for F’n over the consumers!!!

Posted by Joel  on  03/28  at  01:51 PM

Mitsubishi should sell the adaptor for s very cheap price since one of their selling points was “3D’ ready.  Well, it’s only ready if I can plug a device in and view 3D.

Posted by Driven_Nail  on  04/15  at  06:09 AM

I agree with all of you.  I bought a 67” SAMSUNG DLP that was 3-d ready, but the set as well as the glasses were discontinued the month I bought it.  The little “3-D” output won me over.All that said, I’ll take it.  I cannot just go out and buy another 3-D TV, so I’m stuck getting whatever might work.
Samsung never did anything to help, so I’m not complaining too loudly.

Posted by Steve Turk  on  07/10  at  06:55 PM

Have the same issue, samsung dlp 61 inch “3D READY” what a bunch of crap, at least Mits is MAKING an adapte!r And its suposed to only cost 100$, hopefully it will work on the samsung who dont think this will #### alot of people off as they want to upgrade to 3d with all the content comming out. They stopped making the glasses and emmiters because hooking up to a PC is probally so tough its flooding there tech support and they want it to go away..

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