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Mansion with Home Theater for Sale
March 01, 2011 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
A $50 million mansion with a $1,000,000 theater is a bargain.
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Posted by Doc Rings  on  03/02  at  10:03 PM
Posted by Steve  on  03/03  at  06:43 PM

Nice find, Doc.  Here’s an even clearer view using the “bird’s eye” view on Bing maps… Rd, Cumming, GA 30041&q=trammel road, cumming, ga&FORM=LMLTSN

Now that a mansion! (apparently an empty one, but still…)

Posted by Doc Rings  on  03/06  at  03:55 AM

Wow, wish the admins would clean up the spam… or just don’t allow comments at all…

Posted by Jen grossberg  on  03/07  at  03:10 PM

No equipment list, good jog guys lol, its funny how these so called “review” sites now days leave out the equipment lists lol.

Posted by Nora32Faulkner  on  03/18  at  04:59 PM

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