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LockState Adds WiFi to Keypad Door Lock
November 13, 2012 | by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
The LockState Connect Remote-Lock is a web-controlled residential door lock.
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Posted by Phil  on  11/13  at  03:22 PM

First?  What about the SchlageLink / Nexia Locks?  I’ve been using ours for 3 years.  They have Web and App access as well.

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  11/14  at  10:26 AM

Just an FYI, the website says the “sale” price is $250 and they are out of stock.

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  11/14  at  11:20 AM

Phil: You are 100% right… I can’t believe that I forgot about those guys. We’ve covered the SchlageLink, too. Shame on me! Thanks for calling that out. It’s been removed.

Also, Kahuna: I am going to contact the company and see what’s up with the pricing and availability. Thanks!

Posted by Rachel Cericola  on  11/14  at  01:11 PM

Apparently, there is a special pre-order link… which is now available in the copy above. That’s where you can get the special price. The first crop of products will start shipping next month, with the rest coming at the beginning of 2013. Thanks again, guys!

Posted by Brooker  on  11/21  at  06:26 AM

This is nice and best examlpe for the any keypad door lock services.

Posted by john  on  12/23  at  05:02 PM

Very disappointed witht his product. 

The keypad buttons get stuck when pressing them, the directions are very poor and I had to figure out some of the options with time.  Not very convenient for storing codes.  The door will not lock properly despite following the directions. 


I want my money back.

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  12/26  at  04:03 PM

I installed per the instructions but when I enter the code it gets stuck in the middle of the movement. when unlocked I cant lock it using the inside lever. Still cant set it up to use the app. If you don’t alreadty have one, I would wait to order one at this point.

Posted by Extreme Kahuna  on  01/11  at  01:14 PM

Returning this Item - it is a little misleading to to say you can open it with your phone/computer. You have to set up intervals for the lock to connect to WiFi. When it hits one of these intervals it will look to see if you have sent any codes. If you set it to 10 seconds the batteries will last 5 days. Even at one minute they will only last one month. So if you tell your phone to open you lock it would wait for the next connect (up to a minute) and then unlock. I have sent codes with it on 10 seconds and it never locked or unlocked? If you want to have your batteries last a year you’ll have to wait an hour for your door to unlock. So it’s basically just a keypad lock that is supposed to send messages if someone uses it.

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